How to Make a Disposable Vape Not Taste Burnt

Recreational smoking has existed for centuries, with users lighting up using various methods. Whether it comes in the form of traditional cigarette smoking or through a vape, the experience can be ideal. Regarding the latter, users may use one of the many types of vapes available to suit their preferences.

Disposable vapes are one such device, as they can easily be disposed of once the vaping session is done. Many factors make a disposable vape worthwhile, depending on a couple of factors. If you find that the taste of your vape is a bit on the burnt side, you can make some changes.

Here are six tips on how to make a disposable vape not taste burnt:

Tip #1: The Coil

Any type of vape you use comprises a couple of essential components. The standard vape has a battery, which can charge the device in question. Then, it will also have a mouthpiece, which the user will place into their mouth to vape. Along with the mouthpiece is the coil, two parts common to a disposable vape.

However, sometimes the coil may be a part of the invalid experience. If you have a burnt aftertaste after the experience, it could be due to an ineffective coil you were given. Should this be the case, you must replace the coil as soon as possible. Then, the new component should provide you with an ideal vaping session.

Tip #2: High Wattage

There are some external considerations to consider when using your disposable vape. For instance, you do not just want to go into a vaping session without knowing how to use the device properly. You should know how to use the device at the onset, whether it is a standard or disposable vape.

One of the most important aspects of vaping is the wattage being exuded by the device. If you are using a high wattage, this will cause the coil to burn at an accelerated rate. Once this occurs, you will begin to notice burnt aftertastes in your session. Always cool down on the wattage side to have a great experience.

Tip #3: Vape Juice Contents

Another critical part of your disposable vape is the e-liquid you are using. Your disposable vape will have a removable cartridge with your chosen juice. However, just because it appears standard for use does not mean you should skip the next steps. Take a look at the ingredients inside of the e-juice as a start.

Sometimes, there may be ingredients inside the vape juice that are detrimental to the coil in the vape. Certain flavours of the e-juice may have sweeteners that can clog the coil, reducing its lifespan quickly. A deteriorated, clogged coil will result in burnt aftertastes during your session.

Tip #4: General Consumption

It is always possible for overconsumption to lead to a strange, bitter aftertaste in your vaping session. Some studies have shown that using your disposable vape too much can lead to a deteriorated coil. As mentioned, a coil pushed beyond its limits will lead to a burnt taste during your vaping session.

To remedy this potential issue, it is recommended to space out your usage of the disposable vape. Not only will it help maintain its viability, but it is better for your health overall. Do not be afraid to put it aside from time to time. While vaping is generally safer than traditional forms of smoking, it still could pose some risks too!

Tip #5: Testing The Vape

There are a few ways in which your disposable vape can go bad. However, there are solutions available so that you can fix the burnt aftertaste you are experiencing. First and foremost, when using a new coil, make sure to test the device out. Do not just dive right into a vaping session before your device has time to get primed.

Take a few shorter puffs at the beginning so the coil may be primed for its eventual usage. By efficiently doing this, you allow the device to work as intended without harming the coil itself. Moreover, it prevents the coil from breaking down into something that produces a burnt taste.

Tip #6: Obtain Information

There is only so much you can do with how you intend to use your disposable vape. Speaking to a reputable expert at a local vaping shop is always encouraged. These individuals will provide you with all the details you need to sustain your device’s longevity. Ask your questions, no matter how trivial you think they are!