Beginner’s Tips for First Time at an Airport

Travelling is a wonderful way to see the world beyond the computer screen. For long-distance destinations, you will likely be flying there, and if you have never been on a plane before, it can be a little scary.

The thought of climbing into a metal tube and soaring across the sky is daunting, but it is one of the safest travel methods. Going to the airport is the hard part, and it causes you the most problems.

With so many rules and a giant facility, some people would rather skip it altogether. There is hope, though. Here are some great tips for your first time at an airport.

Visit the Airport a Few Days Ahead of your Flight

This may seem like a waste of time and money, but going to the airport without the pressure of a flight can be tremendously beneficial.

This pre-visit allows you to find the best route to the airport from your home. Then, you can locate the parking you want, look for where your carrier is at the terminal, and get oriented properly. You won’t be able to go airside onto your gate until your travel day, but this will familiarize you with arriving, so there will be no panic next time.

Arrive Early

Most airlines ask that you show up at the airport at least two hours early for a domestic flight and three hours early for an international flight. Use this as the bare minimum so you don’t get there late and miss your flight.

Being at the airport early allows you to visit the shops and relax before getting on a stuffy plane. You can take your time finding your gate and can even get a meal before the flight.

Airport Limo Service

One of the problems with air travel is what to do with your vehicle. You do have options, but they aren’t ideal. You are either paying for parking at the airport or finding someone to drop you off. Even worse, you could take public transit with all your luggage to get there.

If only there was a better way… There is, and it is by using an airport limo service. This takes all the hassle of getting to the airport as you leave the driving to a professional. You also get to travel in style. Arrange a limo to pick you up at your residence and take you directly to the airport. This is a great way to arrive before your flight. Do you know what’s even better? 

Getting picked up by a limo from the airport. When you leave the luggage area, your driver will greet you with a personalized sign stating your name as part of their meet and greet service and then take your luggage to the limo for you. They are professional and will safely transport you to your destination and help you get your baggage to your door. This is the type of service you deserve.

Check-in Right Away

Once you enter an airport, the check-in areas and carrier booths are in front. Taking care of your boarding and ticketing immediately is a good idea, just in case of any issues. Sometimes, information gets mixed up; there are flight delays or even mistakes in your booking, so take care of it immediately instead of at the last minute to avoid missing your flight.

Get to Your Gate

After you get your boarding passes, visiting some shops or food areas before going airside can be tempting, but that is not wise unless you are early. Going through security to get near your gate and relax is much better.

Set up a base camp at a seating area and visit the shops. There are tonnes of cool and practical things to buy for your trip, and there are also some great food options. Once you are at your gate, you can relax and wait for your boarding call.

Use the Washroom Before Boarding

Planes are well equipped with washrooms in the front and back, but they are not too private or accommodating. Depending on the length of your flight, you may want to avoid them altogether if possible. Your best bet is to use a washroom at the terminal so you don’t have any emergency needs or bloated bladders to deal with on board.

Eat at the Airport

Most airports have familiar places to eat, with more fast food and snack options than you need. They also have upscale dining options and adult beverages to enjoy. While it is much more expensive than in your hometown, it is cheaper than buying food on most flights. You can also take the food you purchased at the airport and enjoy it on board. 

These are your tips for the first time at an airport. Travelling by plane doesn’t have to be a bad experience, so use these tips as a guide and enjoy the journey before the journey.