16 Most Popular Cubicle Organization Ideas

In the post-COVID cubicle office work world, the organization is key to strong productivity and minimal disruptions. If you enjoy storage and organization, this is the article for you. Cubicles, surprisingly, can become disorganized very quickly. 

Like desk organization, you can save space, motivate yourself, and add personality to your work with simple tricks. Organization goes hand-in-hand with office cleaning to create a pleasant environment for your workspace.

Here are some cubicle organization ideas to try.

1. Desk Lamp

While most cubicles are properly lit by ceiling lighting, a desk lamp provides an extra boost. Especially during late nights, overnights, and evenings, having a desk lamp to light up your keyboard will help avoid unnecessary eye strain.

2. Cubicle Shelves

You may not have significant space to put in shelving and storage but a shelf or two, however small, provides more surface area where décor and essentials can be put.

3. Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a mobile storage station. You can temporarily fill it with office supplies and work accessories and be able to move it near you and away as needed. For mobility and advantages, many cubicle workers choose rolling carts over a closed-in storage cabinet.

4. Dry Erase Board

A dry-erase board, cork board, or something similar can help you stay on track with different projects by outlining daily tasks, deadlines, and more.

5. Calendar

While anyone with a smartphone has a calendar on their phone, and you may even have one on your computer, a physical calendar pinned to the wall of your cubicle provides easy access to reminders and dates to remember.

6. Multi-Space Organizers

A multi-space or multi-use organizer will give you a place to put pens, scissors, and maybe even your smartphone. All the daily tools should fit into a small organizer close to your computer and always within arm’s reach.

7. Under-Desk Organizers

An under-desk organizer, set of drawers, or a small file cabinet put underneath your cubicle desk is where you can put bulky items, files, rarely used items, and paperwork. How you organize paperwork, in particular, will be so important to stay organized. This brings us to our next cubicle organization idea.

8. Filing System

A lot of cubicle work done nowadays is digital. That said, you will still occasionally get paperwork thrown your way. Start a filing system with file folders and/or separators inside a drawer or organizer available to you. This way, retrieving a document will take seconds instead of minutes of searching.

9. Cube Storage Organizers

Cube storage shelves are often used in living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms to help organize spaces with many different items. They’re also a great storage tool for cubicles. Each cube is 12 inches by 12 inches. The attachments make it so that the storage organizers can be stacked and arranged in various ways, customized to your available area.

10. Over-The-Door Hooks

Over-the-door hooks can be set up over the edge of your cubicle wall, providing additional storage potential. Consider it a place to hang jackets, keys, or headphones when not in use.

11. Mount Your Monitor

A monitor cubicle hanger or cubicle monitor mount allows you to lift your monitor, freeing up the space underneath it where the screen would normally sit. This is a great ergonomic move, although if you have one of the heavier, old-style monitors, mounting it won’t be an option.

12. Group Like Items By Theme Or Color

Make it visually easy to find things by grouping items together by theme, i.e. pens with pencils. Another simple way to give the appearance of the organization is to group by colour. Have bins or baskets colour-coded to different projects so that you know intuitively where to go for a certain document or item.

13. Don’t Overcrowd Items

A cubicle cannot be organized if it’s packed with paperwork, desk accessories, and décor. Embrace simplicity. Remove what doesn’t need to be there. Keep things minimalist by design. This approach avoids a busy, cluttered look which is not what you want when you’re buckling down to work.

14. Cable Management Systems

If you want to go hyper-organized with your cubicle, an under-desk cable tray organizer provides a tidy way to keep all those pesky computer cables together and look a little cleaner.

15. Smartphone Charging Station

While you’re at work, take the time to charge your phone with a smartphone USB cable and/or charging station. If you have this in a designated spot in your cubicle, you will always have somewhere to put your phone.

16. Wall Pockets or Hanging File Organizers

Certain paperwork you want accessible but won’t have space on your desk. A nice way to keep papers nearby but out of the way is using vertical wall pockets, hanging file organizers, or mounted wall folders. This provides two or three pockets that naturally fit paperwork and files you want to hang on to.