Why Do Joints Hurt When It Rains?

The weather is one aspect of our lives that connects everyone. No matter where you are, you will have to adjust your living for what weather conditions are present. In some cases, you will not have to worry too much. At other times, you will have to finetune many factors, such as clothing or how you travel.

Another factor that you must pay attention to is how you feel, physically and mentally. Sometimes, the weather may affect your body more than you’d realize. Have you noticed that the rain can affect your joints? It isn’t just a coincidence. There’s a reason why your joints may be in pain when there are a lot of downpours.

Here is an explanation about why do joints hurt when it rains:

1. Rising Humidity

First and foremost, it is important to discuss the sources for why your body’s joints may be in pain due to weather. Many scientists suggest that alternative weather conditions may also influence how we feel. For instance, high humidity may be the source of bodily pain in some locations.

Many individuals experience this type of pain when it comes to this weather condition, along with heavy rain. The worst possible circumstance occurs when both of those conditions are met simultaneously. If you feel the pain is becoming a nagging issue to deal with, reach out to your health care specialist.

2. Decreased Air Pressure

As mentioned, there are multiple reasons, alongside rain, which could be the impetus behind joint pain. Another important area to consider is the air pressure in your location. Scientists claim that when the air pressure falls to a certain level during a downpour, it exacerbates physical pain.

A common example of this has to do with the swelling of the tissue inside of our muscles. When it rains alongside falling air pressure, the swollen tissue, however minor, impacts the joints. Should this happen to you, you will begin to feel aches and pains all over your body. It is important to stay warm for several reasons in this regard.

3. Damp Temperatures

Speaking of staying warm, the actual temperature is a huge contributor to joint pain in the body. When it rains within a colder climate, it provides all the necessary conditions for your body to ache. This is especially true for those who live in colder areas within the world, as warm weather is infrequent.

It is also possible that there could be a combination of this weather condition alongside decreased air pressure. When this occurs, you may feel the pain is getting worse, to irritation. For those with other medical conditions, staying warm and following your doctor’s guidance is key.

4. Underlying Conditions

Rainy weather could also exacerbate several bodily conditions if you have them. Sometimes, those who suffer from chronic bouts of arthritis may be impacted by a heavy downpour. Alongside decreased air pressure and a damp climate, your body’s joints may feel the consequences of this state.

There are, thankfully, a myriad of ways to combat this. You could try to walk around or stretch frequently, so your muscles are not exacerbated during the rain. Or, physiotherapy clinic treatments can help keep the aches and pain at bay. Try your best to look for the positive in this; your joint pain does not have to be something that lasts forever.

5. Immobility

During a rainy day, you may begin to feel a ton of aches and pains within your body. While it is not much, you can do to change the climate, and there are certain actions you can take. For example, lying still for long periods on a rainy day can worsen your pain. Unless it is for sleeping, you should try to move around as much as possible.

The more muscles you use during movement, the better off your body will be in inclement weather conditions. Weather-related joint pain is especially troublesome if you cannot conduct some kind of physical activity. When in doubt, always do your best to walk around or even do some yoga!

6. Mental Health Considerations

You may not think of it in this regard, but how your focus is mitigated can affect your joint pain. During a rainy day, the gloom and doom of joint pain can affect how you think clearly.

If you happen to focus on the negative all of the time, it can have a compounding effect on the joint pain experienced. Should this occur to you, always reach out for help. You will not have to suffer through those pesky rainy days!