9 New House Gift Basket Ideas for Homeowners

Congratulations on your new home! Moving into a new house is an exciting and often overwhelming experience. A gift basket can be a thoughtful and practical gift for any homeowner. The basket contains various items that the new home owner will find useful.

Do you know some people who just bought a new house? If you are looking for a fun and simple way to spoil these new homeowners, consider these new house gift basket ideas. Whether you buy a gift basket or make a custom one just for them, what they find inside will help them turn their new house into a home.

Idea #1: Gourmet gift basket

You can’t go wrong with gift baskets Canada filled with delicious gourmet food. The homeowners can open it during their housewarming party or enjoy it once everyone is gone and they have settled into their new home.

Gourmet gift baskets include deluxe nuts, caramels, chocolate truffles, cookies, crackers and cheese spread, caramel popcorn, coffee, tea, and more.

If you don’t know what the new homeowners need, giving them a gourmet gift basket is a great idea.

Idea #2: Wine gift basket


A gift basket for homeowners who love wine will be a great way to celebrate their new house.

Your new house gift basket could include a nice bottle of wine, a bottle opener, a fancy wine stopper, and a charcuterie board with delicious meats, cheeses, olives, and crackers.

You could assemble a gift basket with fun tumblers, coasters, reusable straws, and a kit of accessories that make opening a bottle of wine and storing it a lot easier.

Idea #3: Fresh foods gift basket

If they had just moved into their new home, they might not have had a chance to go grocery shopping. Be the hero who shows up to their new house with a gift basket full of fresh foods.

Think about fresh-baked bread and cookies, fruits and vegetables, cheese, olive oil, and fresh herbs. You could even assemble all the ingredients they will need to cook their favourite meal and place them in a convenient gift basket.

Idea #4: Kitchen tools gift basket

If you are looking for new house gift basket ideas for homeowners moving into their first house, you can expect them not to own that many kitchen tools. This is especially true if you know they lived in a small apartment before moving into their new home.

Give them a gift basket with cutting boards, a spatula, wooden spoons, measuring spoons, oven mitts, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, a colander, and some pretty kitchen towels.

Idea #5: Tools gift basket

Homeowners often have to fix things, and DIY enthusiasts even like to build things. A gift basket full of tools and convenient items might not be as exciting to receive as a basket full of delicious snacks, but it sure can be useful.

Some items you could add to your tools gift basket include a hammer, nails, screwdrivers, pliers, a tape measure, a level, caulk, an extension cord, a few paintbrushes, tape, and painter’s tape.

Idea #6: Spa gift basket

The process of buying a new house and moving in can be stressful. To help the new homeowners relax in their new homes, you could give them a spa gift basket.

Shower gel, bubble baths, bath salts, bath bombs, a bath sponge, body and hand lotion, a scented candle, fuzzy slippers, a bathrobe, and a sleep mask will help them relax pamper themselves.

You could even include chocolate or another indulgent treat they can enjoy while taking a bath.

Idea #7: Candles and essential oils gift basket

A gift basket that contains scented candles and essential oils are sure to help them make their new house smell great.

You could get them a large candle with more than one wick or a kit of small candles with different lovely fragrances. Don’t forget to add a candle lighter.

As for essential oils, you could include a few bottles in your gift basket, a diffuser and some info on how to use essential oils. They can decide what they want their new home to smell like!

Idea #8: Cleaning supplies gift basket

How about a gift basket full of cleaning supplies? This might sound like a boring gift, but it doesn’t have to be.

Get eco-friendly cleaning supplies with great scents, and package them inside a colourful bucket for which new homeowners should have many uses.

Include an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, laundry detergent, a window cleaner, hand soap, cleaning gloves, microfiber cloths, and biodegradable sponges.

Idea #9: Garden gift basket

Finally, your new house gift basket could contain everything the recipients need to start a garden in their new yard.

Think about gardening gloves, and a watering can, shears, a garden trowel, plant markers, a kneeling pad, and a few seed packets. They will be able to start growing veggies, herbs, or beautiful flowers, which will encourage them to spend some time outside.