3 Phone Etiquettes Everyone Needs to Know!

Technology has caused the biggest ever change in the lives of mankind, hasn’t it? Gone are the days when communicating with friends and family used to be a troublesome affair. The biggest leap in technology has taken place over the last ten years. With the advent of cutting-edge smartphones, call centers and uninterrupted access to social media, communication is now a job even a toddler can do.

Even though technological advancements and call centers have contributed massively to our progress, we must remember to not lose ourselves in it. After all, no upgrade or advancement is worth our sanity, is it?

With the ever-changing facets of technology, texting and calling have become the biggest pathways of human interaction. In the recent years, Social media and call centers have undergone a massive explosion and every human being from different parts of the world is now connecting to it.

While social media, texting, and other Apps have made our life easy and interesting, we all should know a few limits that we need to adhere to, here are the three phone etiquettes, we advise everyone to follow:

– Human Interaction > Virtual Interaction

Sure, virtual interaction allows you to stay in touch with all your friends at once but it is still not a replacement for human interaction. Nothing can substitute the value and goodness of one-to-one conversations that take place when two persons choose to meet up for a discussion.

– When you’re talking to someone, using your phone isn’t a wise option!

Don’t you hate it when something or the other keeps on interrupting you while you’re talking? This exact feeling is what the other person might experience if you choose to go over your phone again and again even while you are talking to them. The best practice while having a live conversation with someone would be to put your smartphone on silent mode and excuse yourself for a couple of minutes if something urgent pops in.

– Why text when you can simply call?

Scientific studies have shown that texting consistently for longer durations of time severely damages your eyes and affects your ability to see. The light flashing out of your phone not only invites potential headaches and migraines but it also reduces your vision significantly. Calling the other person instead of texting on and on would not only save you a lot of time but it would also keep you away from visual distress.

Happy Talking! Use your gadgets wisely.