4 Different Shelving Units for Your Restaurant

Behind every well-maintained restaurant is an elaborate shelving and storage system that ensures that whatever is not in use is safely shelved or stored. Proper shelving and storage should allow for easy retrieval of goods.

The ideal shelving and storage equipment depends on the unique needs of a restaurant. Small restaurants need a shelving and storage system that creatively uses space to allow maximum utility for their variety of restaurant equipment. Below are four types of shelves and storage equipment that every restaurant should have.

1. Cambro Shelving

Cambro shelving features vented shelves that allow air to flow unhindered. They are made of a light but strong composite material and can carry heavy items. Cambro shelving is strong and durable in both wet and dry conditions. These shelves are also adjustable according to your needs.

They can be easily mounted on walls, making them ideal for use in kitchens that have limited space. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be customized. They are ideal for small, medium, and large establishments.

Cambro shelves can be used to safely transport heavy products such as food pans, warehouse supplies, canned goods, and other items within and outside your establishment. They can also be safely used in walk-in freezers and refrigerators. You can also use them to hold cookware items, stacks of plates, and bulk ingredients.

2. Chrome Shelving

Chrome shelves can support various distributed weights and sizes. They come in a variety of unique designs, sizes, and styles. They are ideal for use in, among other places, garages, pantries, basements, and warehouses. They can also be used in establishments that need to maximize storage or shelving use within a limited space. The fact that they are mobile helps in moving items around.

Chrome shelves are durable and can carry any weight. They are specially chrome-coated to make them resistant to corrosion and rust. They feature a wide range of wall shelves, individual shelves, rack shelves, among many other designs. They are versatile enough to be attached to posts and can also be customized with cradles to support your prized wine bottles. And for those triangle corners, a triangular chrome shelf fits in perfectly, providing you with much-needed extra storage.

3. Epoxy Shelving

An epoxy shelf can be used in a walk-in freezer, in a warehouse, or in a storage closet. Due to its durability, it can hold a variety of supplies such as canned goods and kitchen items. These shelves can hold huge loads of uniformly distributed weight on every shelf based on shelf size.

The shelves are easy to assemble and mount and can be cleaned without scrubbing. You only need a sanitized towel to wipe them clean. An epoxy coating keeps them protected from corrosion and rust. They can hold heavy items in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used in high-moisture environments such as a dish room or walk-in cooler. Epoxy shelving is recommended for restaurants with corrosion issues.

4. Metro Shelving

Genuine metro shelves have been around for over half a century. They feature reliable and flexible units that are easy to assemble and mount. They come in many forms and sizes, such as stationary, mobile, freestanding, or wall-mounted units that can be used in wet and dry environments. Some of the heavy-duty shelves can be used as attractive front-end or back-end displays. Since they come in a variety of materials, they can be customized to meet every need and provide unmatched efficiencies.

Metro shelves contain a chrome coating that protects the metal from rust and corrosion. Its durability means that it can carry different items of varying weights. These units also feature levers that allow easy adjustment of each shelf resting height depending on the shelf height desired.