9 Fun Hobbies for Old People and Retirees

Entering retirement or transitioning into a senior’s living community can be a pretty daunting prospect for many people. Filling their time becomes a major concern for many old people. Although there is indeed some discomfort to be expected when adjusting to a new routine, there are more hobbies accessible to senior citizens than there have ever been before.

Whether it is deepening one’s involvement in a pre-existing interest or discovering something completely new, here are some of the best hobbies for old people enjoying their golden years.

1. Arts and crafts

Most people have had some sort of interest in creating arts or crafts over the course of their lives. It is an inclination that tends to be nourished in childhood and often abandoned due to the business and responsibility of adult life. Retirement is a great time to get in touch with one’s creative side and start crafting. Whether it is painting, scrapbooking, knitting, or photography, arts and crafts can be a wonderful and very rewarding hobby to engage in.

2. Yoga

As one ages, the limitations of the body and importance of regular movement becomes increasingly pronounced. Yoga is one of the best hobbies for old people, helping them achieve both mental and physical benefits. Thanks to its low impact, it is especially good for elderly people. Many athletic clubs and senior centres now even offer yoga specifically catered towards older bodies that include guided meditations which can be hugely beneficial.

3. Swimming

Another best hobby for old people is swimming. Getting out for a regular swim can improve fitness, flexibility, while also helping to tone muscle and improve posture. It is easy on the joints and boosts energy levels through endorphins. Thanks to water aerobics and pool fitness classes, swimming can also be a fun way to interact and make new friends.

4. Gardening

Gardening is fun, therapeutic, and highly rewarding. Whether it is flowers, plants, or vegetables, many people take deep satisfaction in taking care of something they’ve planted and watching it grow. Gardening also encourages motor skills and provides physical activity in a calming environment. Many senior living communities have gardening clubs that are designed to allow residents to share the workload (and the payoff) of planting a shared garden.

5. Playing cards or board games

Playing cards and board games is an ideal way for senior citizens to keep their mind’s sharp while having fun and socializing. From bridge, to scrabble, to chess, games of all kinds present a new challenge each time you play while still allowing room for noticeable improvement. Many people don’t begin playing cards or board games until their retirement, so regardless of skill level it shouldn’t be a problem to find well-suited opponents.

6. Reconnecting with family

Spending time visiting and reconnecting with family is a hugely valuable asset of the added leisure time that retirement living affords. Whether it is reconnecting with friends or family members that you’ve lost touch with, or simply nurturing the bonds that already exist, time with loved ones is always time well spent. Sharing stories from one’s life, family, or career is always a valuable way of passing down knowledge to the next generation.

7. Reading

Whether reading has always been a big part of your life or not, retirement can present a great opportunity to tackle those books that you’ve always been meaning to read. Or maybe it means the chance to discover a new genre or author with whom you were previously unfamiliar.

Regardless of the material, reading is a wonderful way to keep the mind engaged and provides a great set of topics and issues to use in conversation. Joining a reading group or book club can also be a fun way to discuss and share books with others.

8. Volunteering

Volunteering is a rewarding, interesting, and highly dynamic hobby. Assuming the role of a volunteer opens up a whole new world of possibilities, both in terms of personal accomplishment and the possibilities of whom one might meet. Many worthwhile organizations are in need of additional help, regardless of your skill level or area of expertise. Volunteering also often provides a chance to interact with people from different cultures and walks of life.

9. Dancing

One is never too young or too old for dancing. This is one of the best hobbies for old people, helping them stay physically active while having fun and interacting socially. Many senior living communities organize regular social dances and even dance classes, for those new to this hobby.

Many people can’t stop once they get started and there’s no doubt that many a new friend has been found on a dance floor. Free from expectations or a need to adhere to a specific format, dancing is a great way for elderly people to keep fit and have fun.