7 Fun and Creative Cardboard Box Ideas

We all have cardboard boxes that are just lying around the house. It is so easy for boxes to pile up after you have just moved to a new home or after shipping in packages. Over time, they will become cumbersome. At this point, you will need to find a solution.

You could just decide to take the cardboard boxes to a recycling centre or, better still, get creative and find ways of repurposing them. You can use them for most of your DIY projects. The following are seven unique and creative cardboard box ideas:

1. Use the Cardboard Boxes as DIY Apartment Door Numbers

Living in an apartment? Take one of the cardboard boxes lying around the house and turn it into your apartment identification number and place it on your door. Just cut out a piece of the cardboard box into a shape of your choice and creatively write or draw the door number to your apartment on it.

If you are not good at drawing, just print out the numbers to make sure that you get elegant results. For standalone houses, this is not a good idea, the cardboard box will not be able to handle the natural elements.

2. Create Cardboard Belted Storage Tote

This DIY project is an easy one to do. Making it is not time-consuming and only uses a few extra materials. All you need is a piece of fabric, an old belt, and some pins. Simply take some of the cardboard boxes and use a piece of fabric to cover them.

Next, attach the old belts to the cardboard boxes in a way that you can use them as handles for your belted storage tote. Once you are done, you can use it to organize things like kids toys, craft supplies, magazines, etc.

3. Create Cardboard Photo Frame

One of the main advantages of a cardboard photo frame is that you can do a lot when it comes to customizing it. For example, the frame could be made into a fold design, and you can add some bright colours onto the frame. This is why it is a good idea to use a cardboard photo frame as decoration for your house or give it out as a house warming gift. Because it is made from recycled cardboard, this project will not cost you much.

4. Invent a Cardboard City for the Kids

This is for the kids. Involving them in the process of building and decorating a cardboard city is as much fun as it is to actually play in one. It could also work as bonding time for you and the kids. Pick up empty cardboard boxes that you might have lying around the house and use them to start building all types of shops and buildings, making sure to cut out “doors” for all of them.

Give the kids some crayons or some water paint to decorate the city with and just watch how much fun they will have. Depending on the box sizes you have, you can decide to build an actual playhouse size city.

5. Build an Indoor Dog House

In this case, the dogs we are talking about are the small breeds like Chihuahuas or any other dog that is small enough to be kept as a house pet. Larger breeds will easily destroy the cardboard. Pick up a box the dog can fit in with ease and cut out a side door. You can then go ahead and decorate the indoor dog house with cardboard shingles. The dog will surely love to have its own little private space inside the house.

6. Utilize Cardboard Drawer Dividers

You can also use cardboard boxes as drawer dividers. They will help make sure your dresser drawers are organized. It is safe to say that the simplicity of this project does not adequately express how useful the dividers are. All you have to do is make sure the cardboard will fit into the drawer. You can create as many partitions as you want.

The partitions allow you to separate items in an organized manner; for example, you could place your socks in one partition and ties in another.

7. Play with a Cardboard Guitar

Yes, you can actually make a guitar out of cardboard and play a song using it. If you have kids who love music, this is a great idea. We all know that kids tend to be clumsy, and getting them an actual guitar will prove to be costly in the long run. This is where a cardboard guitar comes in. Since it is made of cardboard, the guitar cannot break when it falls. Let the kids learn the basics of how to strum and hold a real guitar with a cardboard guitar first.

With a little bit of ingenuity, you can put those cardboard boxes in your house to creative use. As demonstrated above, there are many ways you can repurpose cardboard boxes and turn them into useful everyday items.