6 Business Benefits of Steel Corner Guards

Though steel corner guards are a small investment, they can leave a lasting impression. They keep your walls, machinery, furniture, and more protected. Here are some of the important reasons for installing corner guards.

1. You Have High-Traffic Areas

There are quite a number of reasons for using steel corner guards, particularly in the business environment. They serve a great number of purposes. For instance, in restaurants, they are mostly used in high traffic areas, such as kitchens, to provide additional protection. Places like hospitals, laboratories, construction companies and parking garages install steel corner guards due to high traffic, both human and vehicular.

Accidents happen when we least expect them. A heavy object can accidentally crash into a wall, resulting in costly damage. By installing a corner guard, the wall will be duly protected. Besides keeping the walls protected from major damage, another obvious reason is that it protects from minor yet common damages like scratches and scrapes.

2. You Want to Protect the Aesthetic Value of Your Walls

Are your walls vulnerable to corner damage? Steel corner guards provide a lasting solution. Of course, you’ve been to places where you see the wall partially and slightly damaged, exposing the cement. This affects the aesthetic values of the walls. The scratches or major damages on these walls didn’t happen naturally. An object must have crashed into it and knocked off some parts.

With a corner guard, you have nothing to worry about. It will prevent such damages from happening. Regardless of the weight of the object, stainless steel corner guards can withstand any pressure.

3. You’re Looking to Prevent Unexpected Renovation Costs

The truth is many people renovate their homes and office spaces annually. There are many minor renovations you can handle on your own. But if it’s too complex, then you have to consult a professional. Such renovations and remodeling projects can cause damages on its own, since there may be movement of objects and other stuff. A careless worker may crash a heavy object against the corner of a wall and knock off some parts. This can happen to anyone, including you.

Odds are you accidentally scratch your walls with heavy equipment. By installing steel corner guards, you can prevent such costly damages. Doorways and drywall are particularly susceptible to scratches. For this reason, you need to install corner guards before going into any remodeling project.

4. You Want to Provide Easy Access

If you know someone who uses a walker or wheelchair, then you can tell how difficult it is to pass through doors and corners sometimes.

With corner guards, you can offer easy access without the risk of damage to your walls.

5. You Want Corner Guards That Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning can be tiresome and time-consuming. Not many people enjoy cleaning. For this reason, many people opt for any fast and easy shortcuts that streamline the cleaning process. And installing corner guards will save you a lot of time and stress, as they are easy to clean. All you need is a wet cloth and soapy water. This will leave the guards sparklingly beautiful and shiny.

6. You Want to Prevent Injuries

Keeping your walls protected is a priority, but you have to remember that damaged corners can also cause injuries to pets and people as well. If the corner is damaged, you can end up clipping your body against the sharp edges of the wall.

Corner guards can reduce the potential of sustaining severe injury as it rounds off those sharp edges.

Don’t know if installing steel corner guards is right for you? You can always consult professionals who specialize in corner guards for advice. As a matter of fact, they have vast years of experience in the field and they can answer any question you might have.