4 Benefits of Using a Table Saw

Technological advances have given rise to a significant amount of progress when it comes to power tools, specifically saws. While more traditional saws definitely still serve a purpose and are instrumental in completing some jobs, table saws have allowed contractors and do-it-yourselfers to cut wood with greater ease.

These types of saws consist of a circular saw mounted to a table or bench. The saw protrudes up through a slot on the top of the bench and spins with the assistance of an electric motor. If you are considering purchasing power tools, below are benefits of buying a table saw.

1. Speed

When using a saw for big projects, you want to cut the wood that you need to cut quickly, but also in a safe manner. The good news about using a table saw is you can achieve both of these goals.

As mentioned, a table saw consists of a circular saw that is attached to an electric motor. As a result, the revolutions per minute (RPM) is dramatically high, ranging from 3000 to 5000 typically depending on the saw. This allows you to cut your wood in a fast and efficient manner.

2. Accurate cuts

When it comes to saws, you have many options but most have their drawbacks. A handsaw can be inaccurate, cause messy cuts, and is time-consuming. A jigsaw can be difficult to cut straight with and is more suitable for smaller projects. A circular saw can also make inaccurate cuts and is known to be awkward to use.

A table saw is a smart option when cutting wood is needed. When using one, you have the option to check your measurements on a ruler either between the fence and the blade or the blade and the side of the bench. This ensure your cuts will be precise and accurate. The ability to keep the wood that you are cutting pressed against the fence will ensure that you feed it through the saw in a way where it cuts straight, avoiding any errors that could cause frustration, disappointment, and project setbacks.

3. Easy cuts

When completing a project, you want to be able to do it in the easiest way possible. This will often allow you to do it quicker too, which is a big advantage as people who undertake projects often want to do it right but also in the timeliest manner available.

Table saws are popular among contractors and do-it-yourselfers because of how easy cuts can be made with one. As stated previously, the availability of a fence on the saw bench allows the user to press the wood against it, guiding it through the saw to ensure straight and accurate cuts. The power and speed of the saw itself allows you to cut through all types of wood with little resistance, whether it be a softer type or a hard, stubborn one.

4. Versatile

Table saws are known to be larger and bulkier than jigsaws, mitre saws, or circular saws. However, they are versatile nonetheless, able to perform a large variety of jobs with relative ease.

Because table saws are able to make smooth, accurate cuts, they are a must-have tool for furniture and cabinet makers. The saw allows those in professions such as these to make their cuts with precision which is especially with the hardwood often used to make these things. Some table saws can be huge machines and are considered immovable, such as the ones used by professional woodworkers. However, there are many models available that are lightweight and can be moved to wherever you need to be.