Top 7 Most Popular Paint Colors for Bedrooms

As you decorate your home, one of the biggest decisions that you have to make is what color you are going to paint the bedroom walls. I found this to be both exciting, and a little daunting. This is normal. After all, you only want to paint your bedroom once. Choosing the colors of each room in my home was quite easy for the most part. I chose colors that I liked, that also complimented each other well.

When I came to my bedroom, however, this is where I found choosing a color a challenge. The bedroom is so personal. You need to choose a paint color that you are comfortable with, and will be for some time. The big question is, what color do you want for the bedroom? The paint color of a bedroom can affect everything from your sleep to your mood. It can also say a lot about you personally.

Let’s look at the most popular paint colors for bedrooms:

1. White

White is one of the most popular colors for bedrooms as it is clean and minimalist. The color will also allow you to wake up to a bright bedroom. White walls reflect the most light. This can have the effect of boosting your mood and making you feel ready to take on anything first thing in the morning. White or an off white can elicit a relaxed and calm feeling before bed.

Another great benefit to painting white walls is that they look great with any artwork. You can hang anything that you like and it will contrast perfectly with the plain white walls.

2. Blue

Blue is a fun and popular paint color for a bedroom. When choosing to paint your bedroom walls any color other than white, you should test out the color on the wall first. The color in the paint can is not always the same as when it is dried on your wall. I always like to experiment with a few shades on the wall before I commit to one. A calm soft blue can elicit a feeling of calm and relaxation. After all, blue is the color of the sky on a pleasant day.

If you are thinking about a darker or more vibrant shade of blue then you need to be a little cautious. When you choose a stinger color you risk making the room darker. This is fine if you have a lot of light coming into the room to balance this out. However, if the room is already dark you may want to reconsider.

3. Green

It’s all about personal preference, but for me, green paint just doesn’t do it for a bedroom. It might remind you of the great outdoors, but any shade looks a little sickly to me. Some studies have shown that the color green will encourage thoughtfulness and focus. This is why you will often see classrooms painted green. So, this shows what I know. The main thing here is to bear in mind that you want to be sure that the color you choose is what you want.

4. Pink

Pink is a very evocative color. The connotations are everything from passion and romance to outdated traditional gender roles. The thing with pink, is that it can be a soft pastel pink to hot pink. I love to see someone express themselves with their interior design and sometimes being bold can pay off. If you do go for an extreme of a color like this, then it is wise to decorate accordingly. Other strong colors in your decor can help to balance this out and make your bedroom look incredible.

5. Purple

This paint color is traditionally associated with wealth and royalty. This association comes all the way back from when clothing needed to be dyed using natural means. Purple was a very challenging color to make, and therefore expensive. Painting a purple bedroom shows that you are sophisticated and fun loving. Just like pink, you’ll need to be ready to carefully accessorize your room. If you think that you’re up to the challenge then I say go for it!

6. Yellow

Yellow is a fun and popular paint color for bedrooms. It shows that you enjoy life and are a little extroverted. It is a very welcoming and bright color too. When painting any room yellow, I suggest choosing a vibrant shade. This can give a room some pop. With a softer shade of yellow, the room can seem a little washed out. So, when painting a room yellow remember, bolder is better.

7. Grey

Grey gets a lot of flak for being a boring color. This might be true of a magazine cover or a pair of shoes. When it comes to wall colors though, this is not much of a concern. The color of the wall is not the main event in a room. It is the backdrop. Sometimes with the color of your walls, less is more. You can let your furniture and accent pieces do the heavy lifting.