Top 5 Services You Can Get at a Hair Salon, Besides a Cut

Most people only visit a hair salon when they need a haircut, but there are plenty of other services that this beauty business can provide. Hairdressers can help individuals fix hair problems, or they can create dramatic change. Here are five services that you can get at a salon that do not involve a trim.

1. Color Change

You can color your hair at home, but if you go to a hair salon, you will avoid many mishaps. When you take on the task at home, several things can go wrong. A major problem is you think you are getting one color, but you end up with something very different. Hair is delicate, and the chemicals used to dye it can damage the follicles if not used properly. If you go to a salon, a trained professional handles the application, timing, and rinsing procedures. At these facilities, you work with a stylist so that you get the shade, hue, and softness you desire.

2. Highlights

If you are looking for a sun-drenched shine, highlights can help. Highlights are streaks of lighter colors strategically woven into darker strands. If place incorrectly, the hair looks unnatural. Proper highlights give the hair movement and a youthful look. A salon will have many shades to choose from, such as platinum, amber, and burgundy. There is information on the Tony Shamas website that you may find useful.

3. Blow Dry

At a hair salon, you can get a style. One of the most popular techniques involves blow-drying. The stylist will wash your locks and rub hair gel, mousse, or foam from root to tip. The heat from the dryer will lock the hair into a position. Some of the styles you can achieve with this method are the wind-swept look, which lay soft waves around your face, or a straightening, which will leave your hair slick and shiny.

4. Permanents

A permanent is a chemical treatment that adds curl or straightens hair. Home permanents can be tricky because if you leave it in too long, the hair will burn. If you take it out early, you will not achieve the desired effect. At a hair salon, the stylist will use a professional-grade kit, and they have many, many hours of experience rolling the hair into the curlers and paper.

5. Professional Advice

Perhaps the most valuable service you can get at a beauty salon is professional help. Stylists and hairdressers can help you with picking out products, such as gels and mousses, that will make it easier for you to style your hair at home. At the salon, there are washes and rinses for colored and treated hair. If you visit your local corner drug store, you will be greeted with a wall of hair products, but at a salon, a stylist can recommend one that won’t strip your new color away or leave your curls flat.