Top 10 Virtual Prepaid Credit Cards

It’s easy to make a purchase from a big retailer like Amazon without worrying about putting your credit card information in the hands of a fraudster. However, when you’re dealing with an unknown merchant, the cracks start to show. You’re basically giving the merchant access to your billing address, card number, security code and expiration date. They have everything they need to charge a vacation to the Caribbean on your card. This is where a virtual credit card comes in. A virtual credit card (VCC) is basically a credit card number that’s attached to your actual credit card. The unique thing about it is that it’s only temporary and used for one-time purchases. This ensures that you’re not relying on the goodwill of the merchant to secure your money. The next question is – “where can I get a prepaid credit card?” Below we explore the top 10 virtual cards.

  1. Payoneer

Credit: Payoneer

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular prepaid credit cards. The company’s prepaid Mastercard can be used as a virtual credit card.  You can use the card to pay to hundreds of websites.

  1. Entropay

Credit: Entropay

Once you’ve created an account with the company, you get a free virtual credit card that you can use to shop in many stores online. You will need to verify your card information and address to start using the card. You can load money into your card directly from your bank account.

  1. Neteller

Credit: Neteller

An alternative to PayPal, Neteller is a prepaid card provider for those based in the US. The company provides customers with a prepaid Mastercard that also doubles up as a VCC for making secure payment online. You’ll incur transaction charges when using the card. They have a presence in over 200 countries worldwide in a wide range of industries.

  1. Netspend

Credit: Netspend

This is one of the best prepaid card providers in the US. The company provides processing and marketing services for Visa Debit and prepaid Mastercard cards. They also have a VCC option.

  1. American Express

Credit: American Express

You can create a virtual credit card on the American Express website. The company provides banking services as well as prepaid and virtual credit cards for anyone in the world. You can use the cards to make purchases online.

  1. Walmart Money

Credit: Walmart Money

Walmart enables you to create a prepaid card for use in the US. You have the option of a prepaid credit card and a prepaid visa debit card. You can use the card for shopping online or money transfer.

  1. AccountNow

Credit: AccountNow

This is a great alternative to having a checking account. The company offers prepaid Visa debit and credit cards. You can use their cards for money transfer and online shopping.

  1. Bancore

Credit: Bancore

This is an excellent virtual card provider that offers excellent security features including 3D-code Security & strong Firewall, PCI DSS Certified, and locking your account to select IP addresses.

  1. AstroPay

Credit: AstroPay

This is a prepaid VCC that’s accepted at many stores online. Registration is free and you get to choose the value of the card you’d like to purchase. You pay using aa variety of payment methods.

  1. OneMinuteVcc

Credit: OneMinuteVcc

This is a great option of you want a card in a hurry. You’re able to start using the card a few minutes after sign up.

Now you know what to do next time you want to shop online Kuwait but don’t have a credit card.