Tips for Finding the Right Child-Sponsorship Charity

When you make a decision to sponsor a child, it is important to get it right.  There are several approaches being offered by children charity organizations.  You want one that will fit into your circumstances.  There are a few things you need to clarify before starting.  For example, how involved do you want to be in the whole process?  How demanding will it be for you in terms of time and money?  You also want to know what impact your contribution is likely to have.   Here are some ton finding the best charity to sponsor a child.

  1. Type of Intervention You Prefer

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The children charity organizations have two models – community-based and individual interventions. In the first instance, the funds improve the community in which the child is living.  In the second one, the funds are used directly to improve a child’s life.  The areas that are addressed in the child’s life will be education, health, and nutrition among others. Your choice will depend on your preference on how you want to sponsor a child.

  1. Your Preferred Region

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The children who get sponsorship are spread across the globe.  The concentration of these programs is in underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa. Some organizations are only found in one region or country. Ensure that the one you choose is in line with what you prefer. Get all the pertinent details to align your sponsorship to your preferences.

  1. Financial Accountability

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You want to deal with a program that has a good financial standing. This is critical. You do not want to give your money to dubious schemes. You can use a website for charities such as to assess financial standing of the charity you choose.  One of the indicators you can use is how much of the donation actually goes to the child.  Most of the revenue should be used for charitable activities. Ensure administrative and fundraising costs do not take the bulk of the money.

  1. Affiliation

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Some programs are secular and others are church based.  Of the ten top-ranked charities, church-based are the majority. It appears that sponsors have more faith in the church-based ones for their own reasons.  Those who prefer church-based program argue that the congregation in churches will offer values that help the child. The children are holistically developed. Whatever you choose, make sure the charity is affiliated with something that you believe in.

  1. How Much Will It Cost?

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You will need to do a background check on how much this will cost you.  You can use the organization’s website to get this information.  How much are you willing to part with? Some organizations ask for a monthly flat rate of between $10 and $40.  This amount may be directed to a whole family or to an individual child.  It depends on the approach of the program.  If your budget can support more, some charities have an option of giving in tiers.  The more the money you give, the more the people who get supported.