How to Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit

In the old times, items we bought came with limited variety and fewer features while being long-lasting and less expensive. Those days are over, and we are making real cost-impacting investments in everyday things like phones, clothing and furniture. Among these are our mattresses, and while you may think that they are indestructible, when not in use, you need to ensure they are properly stored to keep your sleeping asset intact.

Is it ok to just throw your mattress into storage and forget about it until it’s needed again? Not if you want it to be kept safe and sound. A much better idea is to take protective steps so your bed is secure while not being used.

This is how to store a mattress in a storage unit.

1. Clean Your Mattress

You wouldn’t store dirty clothes in a suitcase until next season, would you? The same is true for your mattress. Over time a mattress accumulates and harbours dead skin, dust, debris and dust mites, all taking up residence on the surface. Most of us may not vacuum our mattresses but rather change the sheets on a regal basis, and this is fine for constant use. When you plan to put your mattress into storage, it’s a great idea to fully clean it first.

Cleaning involves vacuuming it to remove debris and then washing it with a mild cleaner for upholstery or baking soda. Next, you should let it dry out and air out in the sun so it is ready for transport. Lastly, cover it while moving it to your storage unit so it doesn’t get dirty during transport.

2. Wrap Your Mattress

Once fully cleaned and dried, it is vital to wrap up your mattress for long-term storage. This will protect it from things like:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Insects
  • Varmints
  • Moisture

You can buy a mattress storage bag or use plastic if you tape it securely. Ensure no moisture is on the mattress, as this can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould if sealed in plastic. A temperature-controlled storage unit will help prevent this.

3. Transporting Your Mattress

Now that you have it wrapped up, it is ready to be taken to the storage unit. This is often when damage can occur. Cramming it into your vehicle or strapping it on top warps and bends the mattress, and you won’t discover the damage until you bring it back into use again.

It is best to use a vehicle that can fit the mattress loosely. Most people don’t have a cube van, but you can rent a moving truck, or if you support it properly in a pickup, it should make the journey fine.

4. Store Your Mattress Flat If Possible

The most convenient way to store a mattress is upright against a wall, which takes up less vertical space. If you do have the option, though, store it lying down for the best results.

A mattress is designed to lay flat; the springs, coils and other apparatus are suited for this orientation, especially when not used. A mattress on its side for an extended period may shift the inside structure and lead to sagging. Put a tarp down first, and even best, use a few pallets with plywood on top below the tarp to keep it off the ground in case of flooding or a liquid spill.

5. Don’t Pile Anything On Top

Having your mattress lay flat will keep it in great shape but takes up a lot of room. To be able to store more items in a storage unit, you may be tempted to stack things on top, but this is a definite no-no. Any items placed on the mattress can potentially damage the springs and take on an uneven surface shape over time.

Even small, light items are not a good idea because you may cover the surface and forget it’s under there. Then as you need to store more items, they may go on top. Your mattress is the one that suffers because of potential warping, denting or impact damage.

The longer you store a mattress, the more it will take on the shape it is oriented, so lay it flat with nothing on top and keep it wrapped up in a temperature-controlled storage unit for an optimal environment. It is a good idea to check on your mattress once a month in long-term storage to ensure all conditions are still good. Then when it’s time to use it again, air it out and give it another cleaning to make it fresh.

This is how to properly store a mattress in a storage unit. You are keeping this mattress because it is in good shape, so follow these steps to retain that quality, and when it’s needed again, simply pick it up from your storage facility and prepare for a comfortable night’s rest again.