8 Useful Tips for Colouring Your Hair

For many of us, colouring our hair has become routine. However, for those that have yet to try dying their hair the process can seem dauting. From moisturizers to styling and colouring, there is a lot that goes into the process and not following the correct protocol can leave you disappointed.

That’s why, we’ve outlined some of the most helpful tips to follow when preparing to have your hair dyed. Following these steps below will ensure a seamless process every time.

1. Consider What You Want the End Result to Be

Prior to booking an appointment with a hair stylist you should take some time to consider what you would like the end result to be. Additionally, you should be prepared to verbalize what you want to the stylist. You should consider the colour and the shade that you would like. It is also best to consider bringing in photos to the hair stylist to ensure they are aware of what your desired result is.

2. Don’t Forget About Your Brows

If you are considering a dramatic hair transformation, you should also consider dying your eyebrows or eyelashes. This is especially important to create a more natural look once your hair is dyed. Not doing so can leave you with a visibly mis-matched look that is noticeable to others.

3. The Dye May be Rough on Your Skin

If you are someone who is dying your hair for the first time you should consider how your skin may react to it. Dye can be especially harsh on skin which is why it is best to speak with a professional hair salon about testing the dye. That way, you can gauge how your skin will react to it and verify if dying your hair will have a harmful effect.

4. What the Long-Term Maintenance is Like

Maintaining dyed hair can be a costly and time-consuming ordeal. If you are not prepared to have your hair touched up every 3 weeks then you may want to reconsider. You should also be prepared to vocalize your maintenance needs to the stylish. That way, they can suggest some alternative styles that may better suit your wants.

5. Will it Match Your Skin Tone?

Many people that are looking for a dramatic hair colour transformation may not necessarily consider how the colour will look against their skin tone. You should speak with a professional colourist prior to dying your hair. That way, they can advise if the colour does not compliment your tone, or if there are any better alternatives.

6. Consider Your Makeup and Wardrobe

A dramatic hair colour change may also affect your daily make up routine, especially if you’ve dyed your eyebrows and lashes. This could result in a need to change your mascara, or eyebrow pencils. As such, it is something you should consider before booking an appointment.

7. Have a Consultation

If you are unsure what the end result will look like, you should book a hair consultation with a trained professional. They will be able to walk you through the appointment and answer any questions you may have. During a consultation the hair stylist can also advise what may look the best to compliment your skin tone, and if your ideas are feasible.

8. Prepare to be Open with Your Stylist

One of the most vital parts of undergoing a hair colouring appointment is to be vocal and open with your stylist. That way, you can ensure the both of you are on the same page with how it is you want to look.