7 Signs of Long-Distance Relationship Cheating

Many people are involved in long-distance relationships, thanks largely to the Internet. Some of these relationships eventually work. However, one or both parties may sometimes notice long-distance relationship cheating.

A long-distance relationship can be difficult for both parties, especially if the distance is far and they have never met. Honesty is an integral part of any relationship. It is much easier to be dishonest in a long-distance relationship.

Let’s look at some signs that there may be some cheating in a long-distance relationship.

Sign #1: Partner is always busy

Does one partner wish to communicate with the other, but the other partner is always busy? If so, this sign of long-distance relationship cheating may cause some concern. While it is also possible that the person may genuinely be busy, the other partner cannot help but feel something may be going on. They may wonder why they have to take a back seat all the time.

After all, that partner may feel that they should be important to the other, important enough to have more attention than they are getting. Just because one partner is always busy does not necessarily mean they are cheating, but it can cause room for doubt to the other person.

Sign #2: Partner asks if you’re happy

If, after some time, one partner keeps asking you if you are happy, this may be a sign that they are having an affair. They may keep asking you if you are happy with the way things are going in the hope that you may say no.

This gives them the perfect opportunity to break things off with you amicably so that they can pursue their affair. If anything, they may be hoping that YOU will be the one to break things off, thus leaving them in the clear.

Sign #3: Partner’s communication decreases

If you notice a decrease in communication, there could be trouble in the air. Being a long-distance relationship, you cannot always be together as often as you like. Let’s say your communication with each other was pretty regular initially. Then, it starts to decrease at an alarming rate.

This sign of long-distance relationship cheating can naturally cause you a great deal of concern. This partner may be changing their routine and slowly trying to pull away from you. You may also notice a decrease in meetings and dates. If their behaviour becomes a suspicious pattern, try hiring a private investigator to shed some clarification.

Sign #4: Vagueness regarding new friends

Let’s say your partner has moved to a new place and tells you they’ve made some new friends. They are always out to dinner with these new friends. When questioned, they give vague answers or don’t definite answers regarding these new friends. This could signify that they may have found someone else and are getting involved with them.

Sign #5: Avoidance

As mentioned, sometimes, a person may genuinely be busy. It may be because of the work they are in. If some of your calls are not answered, that might be quite natural or normal. However, if your calls are not answered most of the time, it may be because the other party is trying to avoid you.

Sometimes, they respond by telling a lie after lie. If this gets too much for them, they may all but avoid your calls instead of constantly lying. Also, when you do manage to get hold of them, they act aloof or even angry. Be careful of this, as they may be cheating on you.

Sign #6: Dishonesty

Dishonesty is a big sign of long-distance relationship cheating. It may be one of the clearest signs that your partner is cheating on you. They may be telling you all kinds of stories and lies. Things like who they were with, where they went, etc. They will make a mistake at some point, and you could catch them out. Honesty is important in any relationship.

However, when you notice signs of dishonesty in a long-distance relationship, it can gnaw away at you and make you lose confidence about where this relationship is going. If you have ‘caught’ your partner changing their stories and you are all but sure they are dishonest, it is best to get out of this relationship.

Sign #7: Flirting decreases

If you notice a decrease in flirting, this could be a sign that your partner is cheating on you. They slowly decrease the flirting and make less effort in the flirting department.

You need to use your discretion. It does not mean every communication with you must always have flirting. If they don’t flirt with you daily, this is quite OK. However, if you notice a lack of effort in flirting, seem less interested in flirting, or don’t flirt back, there may be some unfaithfulness in the relationship.

There are other signs of long-distance relationship cheating such as cancelling plans constantly, unexplained expenses, lack of intimacy and more. Look out for these signs as well.