7 Quick Guidelines to Courier Services

Courier services are a valuable asset to many. Yet, despite how often they are used there are many things that the public may not realize about them. That’s why, we’ve outlined below some helpful tips about courier services that you may not have known. That way, when you go to send your next package you are prepared.

1. There are Different Types

What people may not have realized is that not all courier services are the same. There are a number of companies that specialize in different types of packages. That’s why, it is important to research which company is right for your specific item. For example, some companies may specialize in larger boxed items, while others are better and more efficient in smaller parcels. Knowing this information prior to sending your packaging can mean it gets there faster, and safer.

2. They Can Pick Up

When you need to ship an item there are companies that offer a pick-up service. This means, you won’t need to worry about transporting the item to a postal office. You are able to pick the day, and sometimes even the time frame that the postal worker will be by to get the parcel.

3. There Are Special Services

If you have an unusual item you are looking to ship or receive, there are services that can help to make the process easy. For example, if the item you have does not fit into a standard six box or needs special care while in transportation consider using this service. Different courier services may specialize in uniquely shaped items or know how to specially transport fragile goods. You will want to contact the courier service first, to make sure that your package meets their standards otherwise your package may not make it to the destination.

4. You May Need to Reconsider

The item that you are shipping may be restricted in certain areas. That’s why, it is important to research your package especially if you intend for it to cross borders. Not knowing this may mean your package will be returned. If you are unsure, you can also try speaking to a courier service to get their opinion on the method of transport.

5. There May be Other Options

Contacting a courier service can help you to understand the other options for transport you have available. There may be other services that are cheaper, or easier for you rather than the standard shipping method. Courier services will be able to give you this information which can potentially save you money and stress with shipping.

6. Packing is Not Included

If you intend to ship you item, you are solely responsible for packaging it. Courier services will not provide you with any packing materials nor will they assist you with the packaging of the item. But, they can give you advice and offer you suggestions for what the best method of packaging may be.

7. You Can Insure It

Insuring your package is an important thing to do to make sure you do not lose money or have to cover the costs of damage while in transit. For every item you ship, you should contact your courier service to see if insurance is included in the shipping costs you pay. If it is not, you can typically purchase it at a small additional fee. Not doing so can leave you disappointed in the event that your item is damaged.