7 Home Staging Paint Colors That Work Best

In today’s competitive real estate market, home staging can be the difference between getting what you deserve for your home and being forced to take a deal you’re unhappy with. Expertly staged furniture and attractive decorative accents can go a long way to helping potential buyers fall in love with your home.

Unfortunately, the whole effort can end up being wasted unless presented against tastefully coloured walls. Colours are so important in creating an aesthetic that will sell and there is conclusive evidence regarding which shades simply offer more general appeal.

Here are some of the best colours to use when staging a home, and some that should be avoided at all costs.

1. Beige paint colour

The word beige might not exactly spark excitement in the hearts of many, but when it comes to home staging beige is definitely not a colour you want to ignore. Far from boring, the right shade of beige can create a warm and cozy environment or lend a touch of earthiness to an open space.

Beige is one of the best home staging paint colours in rooms that get lots of light. However, be cautious using shades that contain too much yellow. Beige is also a great option for rooms in which you’re trying to create a soothing atmosphere, such as reading rooms or bedrooms. Comfortable and inviting, the right shade of beige can work just about anywhere.

2. White paint colour

If you’re new to home decorating or home staging, you might be under the impression that white offers but one option. In fact, white comes in many different shades and therefore offers plenty of opportunity to create a unique and attractive vibe in your living space.

White lends a bright, cheery vibe to any space and also helps small spaces feel bigger and more open. You want to find a clean, crisp white, but it is also important that it isn’t too stark. If the shade is too jarring, it will give a cold, sterile feeling. White can be easily dressed up with an accent colour, so it is generally one of the best home staging paint colours in bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Gray paint colour

Gray-toned walls make a room feel elegant and sophisticated. Providing more warmth than a solid white, gray can help create intimacy in a large space or can be used to achieve a more dramatic look without venturing away from neutrals.

Remember to stick to classic grays and avoid anything that suggests too much of a blue or purple undertone, as they can be off-putting. Gray is a great option for large, sprawling areas such as foyers or hallways, and can generally be used liberally throughout the entire home.

4. Pastel paint colours

Although many people think of pastels in the same category as neutrals, it is important to make a distinction between the two. A pastel-hued colour scheme is actually a very specific look and will likely dissuade many from being able to see themselves in a space.

In the same way that bright neon colours would be a turn-off for many, pastels are similarly polarizing as far as home staging paint colours go. Remember that you want to avoid falling too far on either side of the colour spectrum.

5. Pink paint colour

When it comes to which colours you should avoid, you generally want to avoid anything that provokes a strong association for most people. Although pink can undoubtedly be lovely under some circumstances, it is likely to be considered too feminine for many potential homebuyers. Giving your home the largest possible appeal means keeping it gender-neutral, so pink is definitely a good colour to avoid.

6. Red paint colour

The drama that red creates in a room is simply considered to be too much for many buyers. Studies have also shown that red gives off a sense of urgency and can sometimes make a room feel cramped or even stressful. Keep in mind that the whole point of home staging is to enhance the look of the space without causing any distractions.

7. Neon paint colours

Due to the fact that neon colours are so eye-catching, they can end up being the only thing that people remember about looking at a home. Although the odd bright accent can act as a pleasantly memorable detail that works in home staging, an entire wall of any neon shade will generally do more damage than good.

One place where it can be a good idea to make an exception to the rules and be bold is with the front door. Bold front doors are currently all the rage and can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. Many potential buyers are going to decide whether or not they like a house immediately upon first glance, so having a front door that really pops can be a great way to ensure that your property stands out.