6 Useful Features of a Home Alarm System

Home security systems are now very advanced and come in all shapes and sizes. That can provide basic protection from unauthorized or forced entry to your home all the way through to fire safety and smart home devices.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of an alarm system that alerts you to someone breaking into your home and standard fire alarms, but home alarm systems can do so much more. You could have a system installed that monitors the carbon monoxide levels, controls humidity and even allows remote access to the cameras on the outside and inside of your home.

There are many reasons why people like to have alarm systems for their home, the main one is the peace of mind that can be gained from knowing your loved ones are safe once the alarm system is armed. Here are six reasons why you should install a home alarm system as soon as possible.

1. Protection from burglars

It only takes a moment for someone who is properly motivated to break into your home. By simply adding one extra barrier such as an alarm system you may deter a burglar entirely. It is very important that you make sure that every family member knows that all doors and windows need to be locked and that the alarm system needs to be armed if you want to prevent someone undesirable from entering your home.

2. Fire safety

The more notice that you have that a fire has started in your home, the greater the chance of survival. A smoke alarm system that is integrated with your home security system will alert you to any fire quickly. These integrated systems are much more advanced than rudimentary battery operated smoke detectors that a prone to failure when you need them most.

3. Carbon monoxide alerts

There is a reason that carbon monoxide is often called the silent killer. This type of poisoning usually occurs when a family is sleeping and no one knows anything is wrong. Even if an alarm sounds, once unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning, those inside the house will not be awoken by the alarm. Having a carbon monoxide alarm integrated into your home alarm system can and has saved lives.

4. Your property is protected

The total value of your possessions that you keep in your home can be very high. This is what makes home burglary so attractive for criminals. Many valuables like jewelry, antiques, artwork and furniture are passed down for generations and often can’t be replaced with a check from an insurance company. An advanced home intrusion system will give you the protection you need.

5. Remote home monitoring

You can add all of the features you desire from security cameras, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, alarm triggers, motion sensors, and anything else that you want then have the emergency services called automatically. Monitoring stations will keep an eye on your home and if any of the alarms are triggered the threat is assessed and then the appropriate emergency services called.

6. Smart Home Technology

Only a few years ago the ability to control your security system from anywhere seemed like science fiction. Now you can check to see what is happening in your home from anywhere you take your smartphone. You can also make sure that your children arrived home from school on time. You will even get a notification if you left the oven on when you leave the home. Smart home technology is still in its infancy and many great features continue to be added.