6 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dance Class

One of the most common questions that parents have about dance classes is how to get them ready for their first class. The truth is that it really isn’t that different from any class. All you have to do is make sure that they are dressed appropriately and that they are ready to learn. Also, one of the most important things is that they are excited about the upcoming class. Here are some great tips for getting your child ready for their first class.

1. Find out what they need to wear

This is more important than many parents realize. Many dance schools have strict requirements on what a student should and shouldn’t wear. The reason for these dress codes are partially aesthetic and also for safety. A uniform of sorts can help to promote a feeling of belonging and teamwork.

You will also need to think carefully about your child’s need to fit in. As this will be their first dance class, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. It is a good idea to call the teacher ahead of time and ask what the other students wear and where you can buy the same thing.

2. Start talking about the dance classes

Children like routines and anything that has the word class in it can sometimes be a little off-putting. It is your job to make sure that your child is very excited about their first dance class. How do you do that? Well, the first thing that you should be doing is talking all about the dance class and how much fun it will be. Then you should make sure that they know the teacher’s name. This will make them feel much more comfortable with them when they attend their first dance class.

3. Get to the class early

If you are flustered and trying to get through traffic on time then your child will pick up on that mood as well. You want to make sure that you have plenty of time to get to the dance class before it starts. This will allow your child to pick out a spot and get comfortable in their surroundings. This is also a good time to speak with the teacher and make a proper introduction between them and your child.

4. Don’t bring spectators

If this is your child’s very first dance class, then it can be tempting to invite a grandparent or two to witness the event. This might sound like a nice idea but it may also make your child a bit more nervous. It’s best to keep things nice and calm so they don’t get overwhelmed.

5. Don’t expect them to be super confident in their first class

It is normal for children to be a little shy about dancing in a formal class environment when they first start. Not only will all of the moves be new to them, but so will most of the other people in the class. Once they have spent a few lessons learning some moves you will be amazed at what they have learned. Dance classes can be a great confidence builder both inside and outside of the studio.

6. Let them enjoy it as much as possible

They should be allowed to make mistakes early on and learn from them, it’s all part of the fun. You should also take a moment to enjoy this too. Take pictures if you are allowed to and enjoy the day. You will want to look back on this moment fondly over the years.