6 Most Popular Types of Lawn Mowers

There is one fundamental rule when buying an appliance such as a lawnmower: never spend more on a machine than you ‘need’ to. This may sound like basic advice, but you would be surprised how many people ‘overbuy’ lawnmowers with a capacity they will never put to use. They really don’t need that much power.

Never buy a lawnmower whose full capacity you will never utilize. Depending on your mowing needs, and perhaps your exceptional physical circumstances, there is a lawnmower in the market with just the specs you need, and which is within your budget. Avoid the temptation to buy the swankiest, most expensive lawnmower if all you need is a decent model that perfectly does the job at a fraction of the cost.

Below are six most popular types of lawn mowers you can purchase without bursting your budget:

1. Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

These types of lawn mowers are popular because they mainly drive by themselves. While you are responsible for steering and guiding it, you don’t have to push it since it’s propelled by its transmission.

Due to the mechanics involved, it is more costly and needs to be regularly maintained compared to manually-operated lawnmowers. The extra cost might, however, be worth it depending on your strength and the nature of work you will put it to.

2. Push Lawn Mowers

This is a gas-powered 3-in-1 mower that features an adjustable handle and high rear wheels. It is manually powered since it depends on you to push and guide it along your lawn. T come in various types of engines. As you push them, the power from the engine is directed to cutting grass. You are entirely in charge of directing it where you want it to mow.

Pushing it around could be tiring to some people, but if you don’t mind the extra workout, a push lawn mower is perfect. Push lawnmowers come in different weights, but mainly in the 60 to 70 pounds range. Some are heavier while others are lighter; choose one that’s ideal for you. Always check the product specifications for the lawnmower weight before buying it.

3. Reel Lawn Mowers

Also known as a cylinder mower, reel lawn mowers have a regular feature of heat-treated blades and a t-style handle. They are an environmentally-friendly solution to taking care of your yard. They don’t require electricity, oil, or gas since they have no engine.

As a result, they run quietly and, like the push lawn mower, give you an extra workout as you push them around. Besides the additional physical exercise, reel lawnmowers have blades that cut grass as cleanly as a pair of scissors would, leaving your lawn perfectly manicured and healthy. To maintain this breathtaking appearance, you may have to mow your lawn twice a week.

4. Hover Lawn Mowers

These types of lawn mowers are lightweight and feature stainless steel blades. The near gravity-defying lawn mowers are propelled by a cushion of air. They can glide backward, forward, and side-to-side.

If you want to care for a large lawn, these lawn mowers are great for They can also work in difficult-to-reach awkward places that other mowers are unable to maneuver around. They are more efficient than wheeled mowers and rotary blades.

5. Robotic Lawn Mowers

Whether it features a safety shut-off or a rain sensor or not, a robotic lawn mower clips your lawn tirelessly. As it glides along your yard, you get to lay back and relax, perhaps as you read a book, or just lounging with your favourite drink in hand. You first establish the area you want the robot to mow by installing wire to mark the boundary.

You can program the robotic lawnmower to trim your grass whenever you want. You can even leave it running at night since it is extremely quiet. Some people find programming and installing a robotic lawn mower a challenge. However, once you set it up appropriately, you can sit back, relax and watch the little beast cut grass to your heart’s desire.

6. Riding Lawn Mowers

There are two types of riding lawn mowers: zero-turn and standard riding mowers. The steering wheels on conventional riding mowers enhance maneuverability and comfort. Although they don’t come with the precision of zero-turn riding or walk-behind mowers, they are extremely good at cutting grass. The zero-turn mowers feature an adjustable seat and come with mulching capability. They are designed to perform optimally and turn perfectly in spite of turns and obstacles in their way.

As a result, you can cut grass as close to your landscaping as possible. This is unlike the standard riding mowers that find it difficult to cut grass near obstacles and around turns. The result is that large swathes of grass near such barriers and landscaping are left uncut. You might also want to consider a lawn tractor, a type of riding mower that comes with a similar capacity. Its only difference from the other two is structural. At over $11,000, a riding lawn mower could set you back the price of some new cars.