6 Maintenance Tips for Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are unique accessories that complement a wide variety of outfits. Wooden watches are unique enough to stand out but still maintain a subtleness that makes them appropriate for professional environments. When you buy a wooden watch, it’s important to take care of it to maintain its look. Use these six tips to keep your wooden watch in top shape.

1. Take Advantage Of The Natural Aging Process

One of the unique aspects of including a wooden watch in your wardrobe is that it will naturally change over time. As time passes, you’ll start to see slight changes in the lines, cracks, and color of your watch. You can control how fast your watch ages by deciding to use protective oil or not. Wooden watches get better with time and transform with exposure to the elements. Letting your watch age is a great way to create a distinguished look.

2. Avoid Leaving Your Watch In Direct Sunlight

Exposure helps your watch age, but direct sunlight causes the aging process to occur much too quickly. Sunlight can quickly cause long lines and cracking in your watch if it’s exposed for too long. If you’re out at the beach or outside doing work, consider leaving your wooden watch at home. Limiting the amount of direct sunlight allows you to control the aging process.

3. Don’t Bring Your Watch In Water

Anytime you’re going near a lot of water, leave your wooden watch behind. Submerging your watch in water can cause permanent damage to the wood and interior components. When wet wood, is known to change shape, warp and sometimes even shrink.

Water can also stain your watch which takes away from the beauty of the wood. Your watch can survive a walk in the rain but try not to jump in the pool with it on accidentally. If you end up getting your watch wet, try drying it with a cotton towel as soon as possible.

4. Store Your Watch Correctly When You’re Not Wearing It

If you want your wooden watch to last a long time it’s worth getting a proper case. When you’re traveling or going to bed storing your watch properly will help extend its life. Keep the box that your watch arrived in for a convenient storage solution. It’s also a good idea not to leave your watch on your nightstand while sleeping since it can easily get knocked off the table and scratched. Using a watch box is essential for extending the lifespan of your wooden watch.

5. Clean The Leather Strap


Keeping the strap clean will prevent debris from building up over time. Remove the strap from the watch before you start clean. Use a soft, damp cloth to scrub the strap gently. You can also use a small amount of soap to help restore the softness and color of the leather. Let the strap air dry completely before you reattach it to your watch.

6. Wearing Your Watch Helps Preserve The Shine

Wearing your watch is an excellent way to break it in. Wooden watches use the natural oils on your skin to help prevent the wood from going dry. A dry wooden watch will start to develop cracks and discoloration. Simply wearing your watch is a great way to protect it. Wooden watches are versatile and fit with many different outfits so you shouldn’t have trouble finding occasions to wear your watch.

Another way to enhance your wooden watch is by using a protective oil. Protective oils add a nice varnished shine to your watch. You can also buy oils that protect your watch without adding the shine. Use new products in small amounts and make sure they agree with your watch.