6 Important Tips to Help Fireproof Your Home

Fires occur frequently in homes as a result of common mistakes made. Sometimes it’s simply because the person didn’t know they were engaging in hazardous behaviors. It can also happen when heat resistant materials are not used during the construction of a home. Check out the tips below covering a variety of different ways you can fireproof your home.

1. Be Careful with Candles

There’s no doubt that candles can create a wonderful home environment. There are a variety of different scented candles that are great for relaxation, as well as decorating your home and dinner table. Unfortunately, candles are the cause of many house fires because they provide an open flame that can cause table linens and even curtains to catch on fire.

2. Watch Food on the Stove

We all have to eat and most of us will cook on the stove at some point. If you have a busy lifestyle, there’s a good chance you will find yourself multitasking while cooking food. Leaving something on the stove unattended for a short period of time can be disastrous, especially if you’re cooking with oil.

3. Clean Out the Dryer Filter

There are some appliances that are more likely to cause a fire than others. For instance, a dryer filter can be problematic when it’s not cleaned out because it can end up blocking the vents. This is a simple fix because cleaning the filter is easy and only takes a few minutes. Find more online information and resources at the adlinsulflex.com website.

4. Turn Lights Off When Away

Many families leave the porch light on when they’re traveling and away from home. This is done because it makes people think someone is home, which can prevent burglaries. The problem is that having the lights on nonstop can become a fire hazard. It’s because the light never goes out, which can cause it to overheat. It’s best to find a different way to deter crime, such as lights with motion sensors.

5. Choose Heat Resistant Materials

The number of heat resistant materials on the market might surprise you. From your clothing to the insulation in the walls of your home, there are many different materials designed to resist heat, which can prevent a fire. Whenever possible, look at the labels on items you purchase and choose heat resistant materials.

6. Carefully Place Space Heaters

Space heaters can save a lot of money, especially if you have a large home. You won’t have to heat the entire home, just the areas where you spend the most time. If you choose to use space heaters, make sure you don’t place them near flammable materials.

If you look around your home, you can probably find other changes that can be made to prevent a fire. It’s a good idea to conduct an inspection at least annually and make any necessary adjustments.