6 Commonly Asked Questions About Packing and Moving Boxes

The people who do the packing for a moving company are generally experienced and well-trained employees. They have lots of experience in packing household items and usually will make packing look a lot easier than it actually is. When they come to your home to do your packing for you, they’ll do a walk-through with you and ask you about any concerns you may have for certain items.

Once they know what needs to be done, they’ll move quickly and efficiently to pack up your belongings. Here’s what you should expect, and what not to do when movers do the packing for you.

1. Do I Have to Be There?

You should be there, yes. You need to be there while they pack, if possible, to oversee what’s going on, and to make sure that no kids or pets are getting in their way. This can create some unsafe situations and will also slow down the process. It’s best if children and animals are kept busy somewhere else while they packers do their job.

2. What Do Packers Do?

The number one priority for professional packers is to keep your home safe. This means protecting your floors if necessary. They’ll typically split into different rooms; one person might do the packing in the bedrooms while another starts in the kitchen. In most cases, they won’t write what goes into each box. Instead, each box or carton will be labelled with the room from which the items came. If you want a detailed list, you’ll have to do it yourself. If you’re wondering how fast they’ll do the job, two professional packers should be able to fill between 100 and 150 boxes in an eight-hour shift.

3. How Do They Pack Everything So Fast?

Packers work systematically and without sentimentality, unlike someone who has attachments to the items they’re packing. Memories, emotions, and decisions which items stay or go will not be factored in. In order to help the packers work as efficiently as possible, you need to be sure what you’re taking with you and what you’re not taking before the packers get there. The packers can’t do their job if you’re still making up your mind on what to leave and what to take awhile they’re trying to pack.

4. How Do They Fill the Boxes?

If the packers finish packing the room before they fill their last carton, they’ll likely move into another room to finish packing that box to capacity. This helps to prevent damage to things that are inside the box. If the box isn’t full to capacity, things inside will move around and could get broken.

5. Who Decides When Everything is Packed?

It’s your responsibility to make sure that everything you want packed is all packed up before you sign off on the packing team. Walk through the house with the team leader and open all the cupboards, closets, drawers, and cabinets. Look in all closets and pantries. Once they’ve left, anything unpacked is your responsibility to make sure it’s ready before the movers arrive. The movers will not pack anything unless you pay them for it; this will be considered above and beyond what was quoted by your packing team.

6. Will I Like Having Packers?

If you’re properly prepared before the packers get here, you’ll love the whole experience. It’s wonderful to not have to pack all your belongings yourself. Make sure you’re ready before the packers get there, and communicate properly with the consultant and team leader with any questions you have throughout the whole process so they can help you know what’s going on each step of the way.