5 Ways to Protect Your Party Rentals

It’s time to party like it’s 2008!

Whether you’re celebrating the retirement of a 40-year executive at your corporate firm or you’re celebrating the life of a loved one who recently passed away, you will need a wide variety of party rentals to ensure your guests can enjoy themselves.

Before you order these rentals, it is a good idea to find ways to protect the equipment, the furniture, and all of the other rentals you have taken advantage of.

Here are five ways to protect your party rentals:

1. Keep Rentals Wrapped Until the Party

So, what time is the party? If it is until the afternoon or evening, then it would be a good idea to keep your rentals wrapped until the festivities begin. By doing this, you can ensure that your party rentals will not get damaged, wet (if it’s outdoors), dirtied, or soiled.

Cloths, plastic wrap, blankets, or in a truck. Whatever the case, just make sure they’re protected.

2. Ensure Fragile Furniture is Kept Clean

Let’s be honest: some party rentals are more equal than others. Tables, chairs, lounges, and other far more precious items tend to be more expensive than decorative items or an oxygen tank.

That said, it is critical to keep the fragile furniture pieces clean at all times. From the moment they step off of the truck to the time they are put back on the truck, you must keep these party rentals clean without any stains, dirt, or damage.

Otherwise, you may risk paying a fee, and you don’t want that to happen after your expensive shindig.

3. Post Signage Around the Facility

Rather than trying to micromanage the condition of your party rentals, why don’t you try to allocate the task to your guests? This can be achieved by posting signage all around the venue to remind guests that they should treat your party rentals as if they were their own.

You can remind guests to be extra diligent when being near the furniture. Yes, it may be passive aggressive, but this little bit of somewhat uncouth behaviour can save you plenty of loonies and toonies down the road.

4. Outdoors? Use a Tent as Insurance

There is nothing more incredible than an outdoor extravaganza. Whether it is a crisp autumn weekend afternoon or a hot summer Friday evening, outdoor parties are fun and unique.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature can rear her ugly head and put a damper on your party.

The easy solution is to take advantage of a tent.

tent serves as an insurance policy for your party rentals. A tent can keep everything dry and clean. Without it, you risk the harsh elements of nature damaging or soiling your rentals.

It may cost you a little bit in the end, but it is a worthwhile investment. Just ask your rental firm.

5. Number of Guests is Crucial – Go Small

Do you know how many guests you are inviting? This is an important detail because the size of your party can allow you to determine exactly how many furniture pieces and other trinkets you need for the next few hours.

If you have a small number of guests, then you don’t need so many things. On the other hand, if you have a large number of guests, then you’ll need more features for the party.

Make the list, check it twice, crunch the numbers, and rent only what’s necessary.

Who doesn’t love a good party? Hot jazz, games of gin rummy, the smell of cigars…wait a minute. Is this a 1920s speakeasy joint?

wedding party, a corporate function, a birthday celebration. Whatever the fun may be, you will likely need some party rentals. This is a lot cheaper than buying everything new. It will save you a lot of dough. But you need to do your utmost best to ensure everything will arrive, stay, and return in great shape. Just protect the rentals and you’ll be fine.