5 Ways to Improve Mobile App Engagement and Retention

Your mobile app may see dozens of new installs on a daily basis, but what matters most is how many of these installs convert into engaged and active customers.  Here are some proven methods to keep your app users engaged.

1. Make the First Experience Count

Of course, you know that the first impression matters, particularly in the business world. For a better understanding, first answer this question: Have you ever returned to a store that you found unappealing the very first time you visited? The answer to that question is probably no. The same thing applies to mobile apps as well. If you find it difficult to grab a user’s attention first time, then you’ll have trouble with engagement and retention.

The first contact point with your customers is the app store. Design your app in such a way that it appeals to users. More so, it should highlight the benefits and features. Not only that, it should convince the users to not only download the app but also keep using it.

2. Include Elements of Personalization

What does your target audience like? Is your app addressing their specific needs? Personalizing your mobile app is one of the ways to increase mobile app engagement and retention among your customers. Users enjoy a personalized experience as it is designed specifically to meet their needs. For this reason, they will be more inclined to keep using your mobile app.

People are attracted to products they find appealing and products that address their needs. Designing your mobile app to cater to this natural narcissism will go a long way in attracting more users and keeping them engaged. Factors to consider in this regard include preferences, location, and in-app behaviours.

3. Provide Users with Incentives

One of the best ways to increase mobile app engagement and user retention is by giving incentives for using your app. Provide specialized content access, mobile-specific rewards, special promotions, and coupons. This will help keep your customers active and engaged.

Rewards and incentives provided vary from app to app, and it depends on the nature of the app. If your mobile app offers in-app purchasing, then you should consider giving discounts or promos at a specific time such as during big holidays, whereas freemium apps can reward users through usage-based incentives.

4. Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are an effective way to increase mobile app engagement and user retention. As a matter of fact, it’s a great way of getting users back to the app. Customers who have opted into receiving push notifications are most likely to use your app more often than those who haven’t.

Push notifications are proven to be highly effective. They remind users that they have installed a new mobile app. This plays a key role in retention, particularly if you’re still trying to find your way into the heart of the user. Remember, there are a million and one apps in the world, so you need to stand apart. Implementing push notifications the right way will give users more reasons to keep using your app.

5. Mobile Apps with Proper Functionality

Building a quality mobile app that is highly functional is perhaps the most important step to increasing mobile app engagement and retention among users. Your app will most likely have some minor bugs upon its launch. Test run your app before putting it on the market. By so doing, you’ll be assured that your mobile app has no significant issues.

Any mobile app that lacks proper functionality will probably get uninstalled. Know how well your app is performing before going live. And more importantly, hire only talented and experienced mobile app development companies who have a knack for building the best products.

Achieving sufficient mobile app engagement and retention among your customers can be difficult. These tips, if properly implemented, will help boost mobile app engagement and retention among your customers.