5 Ways Drinking White Wine Will Improve Your Health

Everyone has heard the old bit about how good red wine can be for you in various ways. That is, of course, quite true, but people tend to overlook the sibling known as white wine.

White wine has been enjoyed for what seems like an eternity, but you rarely hear about all of the benefits that are associated with the drink. Perhaps the words found below will shine some much needed light on the healthy bonuses that come with drinking white wine?

1. Weight Loss

Health is a hugely popular movement today, thankfully, and one of the staples of newly found healthiness is weight loss. As such, the drive to find new secrets to easy weight loss is stronger than ever. Believe it or not, white wine can actually help that waist line melt away.

This is due to the antioxidants found in the beverage. However, you have to limit yourself to one or two glasses a day. Giving into that love of white wine can sabotage your efforts if you overindulge, unfortunately. I suppose you can have too much of a good thing, after all.

2. Disease Prevention

It is well documented that red wine can help ward off certain kinds of cancer, as well as ailments such as memory loss. Luckily, white wine shares some of these features, as well. White wine contains flavonoids, which boast properties akin to antioxidants.

These properties discourage multiple forms of cancer, such as bowel and breast cancer. In another wonderful feature, white wine can also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. All in all, these diseases affect a great deal many people, and any little thing that can be done to help prevent them is greatly appreciated and should be taken into consideration.

3. Heart Protection

One of the main draws of healthy red wine drinking is the heart protection associated with it. For whatever reason, you don’t see this attributed to white wine nearly as much, but the quality still exists within it.

The natural antioxidants found in grapes are the cause of this, and drinking two glasses of white wine a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by at least 25%. Heart disease is a huge problem that can affect anyone, so that is not a percentage to take for granted, at all.

4. Healthier Lungs

Healthy lungs are wonderful to have, but it’s sometimes difficult to keep them in good shape, given the airborne dangers of the world today. Well, a good way to give your lungs a little health boost is to buy quality white wine and drink some of it each day. The wine contains special nutrients that promote healthy and happy lungs.

Also, while red whine helps with your lungs, as well, this particular area is where it is white wine’s time to shine. White wine is far more effective at strengthening your lungs than red wine is, so if lung health is your goal, you know which to choose.

5. Less Hangovers

A decent buzz is lovely on occasion, but it is quite easy to indulge yourself a tiny bit too much and end up suffering for it the next day. This is never fun and can really ruin any day, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a better chance to avoid that?

Well, hangovers are caused by a chemical byproduct found in alcohol known as “congeners.” This chemical byproduct alters the alcohol in a number of ways, but white whine has a significantly lower amount of congeners in it. This, of course, lowers the risk of getting a hangover from drinking white wine.