5 Security Guidelines About Video Surveillance Systems

Homeowners and business owners alike make plenty of mistakes when they’re either in the market for a video surveillance system or they’re installing a security apparatus. Everything from placement to lighting, tracking to maintenance, industry experts just wish consumers would have a better understanding of the technology – or at least request some assistance!

Rather than a case of trial by error, you should have the know-how from the very beginning. This way, you don’t put your home, your family, and possessions at risk.

Are you one of many property owners who don’t know how to leverage the power of home security technology? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Here are five things the experts want you to know about video surveillance systems:

1. Location is Essential to Security

Will your video surveillance system be installed inside or outside? Will it be facing the backyard and front lawn? Will cameras cover the street as well?

As you have likely gathered, location is essential to the security of your properly. When you first invest in a video surveillance system, you need to determine the setup and placement of the cameras to ensure that you can capture an unwanted individual near your premises.

If you must, you can shift your cameras around, install your cameras at a long distance, and place an emphasis on specific parts of the home.

2. You Must Maintain Your Systems

Set it and forget it? Not to some of the leading industry experts. They recommend that all property owners regularly and correctly maintain their video surveillance systems.

Unsure how to maintain a security platform? Here are several suggestions:

– Clean your devices to avoid dust impeding views.
– Inspect all the cameras and software to ensure they’re functioning the right way.
– Have warranty? Take advantage of it if something isn’t working properly.
– Review your footage at least once a month and delete if it isn’t important.
– Update your software if it is recommended by the manufacturer.

These are maintenance tips that every homeowner and business owner should employ.

3. What Are Your Lighting Conditions?

Believe it or not, lighting will play an important role in your video surveillance system.

Whether you are shopping around for cameras or you’re testing it out in your home or business, you need to determine what the best lighting is on your property. Interior or exterior, they will both experience various amounts of sunlight throughout the day and year as seasons change – at night, you need to think about lamps, darkness, and street lights.

Experts note that you need to know where the light will be. A reflection, a glare, a dark spot.

Modern-day technology provides users with a wide panoply of lighting options, filters, and features. Play with them, test them out, and adjust when needed.

4. Get Smart

Is your home smart? Well, why not integrate your video surveillance system with your smart technology? This can streamline the process and you can leverage the smart benefits.

You may be on the road, but you can always check your security footage. You may be at work, but you can ensure your children are home safe. You may be on vacation, but you can also determine if your property is safe and secure (or who has step foot on your front porch).

5. Complement Video Surveillance with Signage

Let’s face it: most people don’t think of signage when they mull their security options. But, like your smart systems, posting signage can be a great complement to your efforts. By adding signs to your property, you can deter any unscrupulous individuals from encroaching your property and establish property boundaries.

Home security has dramatically evolved in recent years. Instead of an alarm near your front door, you can incorporate a vast array of security components to guarantee that your fortress is defended from invading criminals.

Everything from security cameras to smart features to mobile monitoring, a security apparatus can proffer layers of protection for your home or business. A great start is a video surveillance system that can give you peace of mind that your family, your property, and your possessions are safe from burglars.