5 Qualities of Outstanding Product Labels

Product packaging is an important marketing technique, and labels take a considerable share of that. Every product on the shelves must have a tag because it helps the consumers to tell different manufacturers apart. Manufacturers should make eye-catching tags to attract customers. Ensure that your label design has these characteristics.

1. The right material

Before designing the product, consider the material you want to use. Your design should fit the label material. You should review the color and texture. Selecting a clear label ensures that the color of your product is visible from the container. If you choose to do this, design a tag that is easily readable against your product’s color. Some materials are ideal for particular looks. For instance, if you are selling a hand-crafted good, choose a textured material.

2. Attractive

When 20 manufacturers are selling the same product, and all of them are on one shelf, the consumer might have a difficult time settling for one brand. A useful label should attract the consumer’s attention and be exceptional. Consider the elements of the tag, such as graphics, font, color, and shape. Other factors that make a tag unique are the foiling and embellishments. Use embellishment techniques to highlight crucial parts of the labels, such as the logo. Also, consider the shape of the container because the label should match its contour.

3. Versatile

Product lines may have one product in different scents, flavor, or varieties. For instance, wineries would like to have a recognizable design for all their wines, but customize it to help consumers to separate products. Stick to a cohesive design and then alter the background, description, color, or any other subtle component. While consumers should know the variety, they are buying. They need to recognize the brand immediately.

4. Informative

One of the functions of product labels is to inform. So, a useful tag should convey the necessary information. The tag doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but the consumer should have a glimpse of the product’s contents upon reading the description. Confirm that what you wish to write is within the confines of the law in your country. Food tags are often subject to strict scrutiny. So, if you are in the food industry, take note of what to include.

5. Readable fonts

Fonts are like the sand on the beach – immeasurable. There is plain, fancy, old school, formal, brush-like, handwritten, bold, and many others. You can mix fonts with different looks to feed energy into your design. Play around with some combinations while ensuring that the outcome is readable. Don’t use more than three different fonts. More online resources are available at The Printing House.