5 Cool Features About Your Exhaust Fan

Having a commercial exhaust fan installed in your business is vital. Without one, you are leaving your employee’s, company and customers at serious risk of harm. That’s because, an exhaust fan is imperative for fire prevention as well as climate, odor, and moisture control.

If you’re still unsure of how important an exhaust fan is, we’ve outlined below why all companies and buildings need one.

1. Odor Control

Unsightly smells around your business can not only be embarrassing but deterring. Bad smells can drive away potential customers as they will not want to stay long. This is especially true for restaurants, where smells from the kitchen can be overwhelming if they are not dealt with properly. That’s why an exhaust fan is needed to quickly dispel smells by constantly pulling out the air and replacing it. This increase in the room’s air flow ensures that even the most overwhelming smells are evaporated quickly.

2. Humidity

Another important feature of an exhaust fan is its ability to pull moisture out of the air. This is important because any moisture that is left lingering in a room can cause a devastating amount or damage. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew which can cause a number of respiratory issues for the people working in these conditions. Plus, moisture that is left sitting can damage the structure of the building by weakening the materials. These types of repairs are costly and best avoided by having an exhaust fan installed.

3. Flame and Fume Control

As it was mentioned above, a commercial exhaust fan is vital for the continuous flow of air in a room. This means the exhaust fan is great for controlling flames and fumes from getting out of hand. The fan does this by sucking the air out of the building and taking any smoke with it.

This ventilation allows for smoke or grease to quickly vanish from a room. This is especially needed for kitchen staff to not only have a more comfortable work environment, but to prevent accidental fires.

4. Comfortable Room Temperature

Because a commercial exhaust fan controls the movement of air in a room, your room will be far more comfortable. That’s because, a room can easily become humid and uncomfortable if there is no ventilation. Ensuring a comfortable climate is vital not only for customer retention, but so your staff can function. If your business makes people feel uncomfortable you will inevitably lose customers as they won’t want to stay.

Plus, if your workers are forced to endure an uncomfortable environment they will likely be upset and tired. This can cause disgruntled employees who walk out due to the conditions. To resolve these issues, you should install a commercial exhaust. The exhaust will make every room of your business comfortable by removing odors, moisture, smoke and humidity from the air.

5. Increased Safety

If you value your staff and establishment you should definitely have a commercial exhaust fan installed. That’s because an exhaust instantly increases the safety of your facility. The fan does this by increasing the flow of air in the room and allowing more ventilation. In turn, this controls flames, smoke, odors and harmful substances from spreading.

This means there won’t be anything dangerous lingering in the air as it will quickly be pulled out. The decreases the chances of a grease fire from breaking out as grease particles will be fast removed. Plus, it will work to clear the area of smoke if a fire was to occur.