4 Reasons Why You Should Start Riding Your E-Bike

At first glance, a motorized electric bike can seem like a strange sight. Cycling is a time-honoured activity, and many individuals have fond memories related to cycling. Whether it’s their first bike, the moment they learned to ride without training wheels, or the freedom a bike provided them to get around as they got older, bikes have played an important role in a lot of lives.

An electric bike provides the average person with a practical way to get back into cycling. Everyone knows that cycling is an enjoyable, healthy activity, and a good way to get around. A motorized bike enhances the cycling experience and introduces several other benefits not available to normal bikes. Below, we’ll examine several benefits of owning an electric bike, and why you may want to get one for yourself in the near future.

1. No Licence or Insurance is Required to Operate an E-Bike

Unlike nearly all other motorized vehicles, E-bikes do not require a license to operate. Electric bikes are built with a certain set of specifications and limitations in mind, and as long as design rules are adhered to, no licence is required to ride one. The build limitations range from maximum power output and weight to other additional details which generally aren’t important to anyone outside of manufacturers.

2. Electric Bikes Promote Good Health

Going for a bike ride is an exceptional way to get some valuable exercise, and although e-bikes do possess motors, pedalling is still required in order to operate them. Many e-bikes have a variety of settings which allow riders to choose how much assistance they want from the motor.

Thanks to the added assistance options available, e-bike owners are often willing to take longer trips and tackle more difficult terrain such as steep hills, and as a result, improve their overall health over time.

3. They’re a Great Way to Get Around

E-Bikes provide a convenient and fast method of travel, and in many places can get you where you need to be faster than a car. E-bikes follow all of the same rules as normal bikes and can take advantage of cycling routes.

The addition of a motor ensures that you can achieve reliable speeds without working up too much of a sweat, which makes them great for work commutes. As far as motorized vehicles are concerned, an e-bike is as safe as it gets, and in many respects, e-bikes are safer than even their non-motorized counterparts. The ability to accelerate faster and reliably means cyclists are capable avoiding dangerous situations, such as being rear-ended, with greater ease.

4. They’re Great for the Environment

In recent years we’ve been made aware of the damage our collective carbon footprint is causing on the environment. E-Bikes have a negligible impact on the environment, while still possessing an improved rate of travel over non-motorized vehicles. Additionally, e-bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries, which are immeasurably cheaper to recharge than even a single trip worth of gas for the average car.

By commuting with an e-bike even just a few times a week, you directly reduce your individual carbon footprint in a significant way, and as such, contribute to the effort to improve the longevity of our environment.

All of the above points contribute to the growing popularity of e-bikes. Their inexpensive nature makes them a great way to get around and opens the door to enjoying the feeling of freedom only riding a bike provides.