4 Expert Advice for Choosing a Comfy Futon

Futons are popular because of their versatility to be a sofa or bed. However, they are not all manufactured the same with some being better than others. The following are factors to consider when buying a futon. Remembering them when making your purchase will ensure you get the best one for you.

1. Size

When choosing a futon, you need to make sure the size is adequate. A futon too big will not fit in the area you want to place it in. One too small will not accommodate whoever is sitting or laying on it and it will make the room like space.

Before settling on a futon you are considering, take measurements of the space you want to put it in. Then measure the futon when it is set up in the store. This will give you a good idea of how much room it will take up. Futons usually come in king, queen, or twin so being aware of which one you need will be helpful. If you do not have a lot of space to spare, consider a futon chair that folds into a bed. These do not take up much space at all.

2. Mattress

Futons do not come with mattresses that are universal. Some are thin, some are thick. You need to determine which one will work for you before making your purchase.

The thinner mattresses are easier to maneuver when you need to fold the futon out and back up again. However, they will rarely give you or your guest the support they need. Thicker futon mattresses tend to be more comfortable but may be harder to transition.

Futon mattresses can be made from cotton and foam, cotton and wool, and cotton and polyester. The cotton-foam blend weighs less and tends to hold its shape better. Cotton and wool are soft but not very flexible, meaning it could be harder to transition to a different position if desired. The cotton-polyester type is light, flexible, and soft, making it a popular choice.

3. Purpose

Some people use a futon solely for a bed for themselves or a guest. Others use it in a living room to service as a sofa as well as a spare bed. The main purpose that you use your futon for will largely influence your decision regarding which one you will purchase.

If the futon you are buying will be used mainly for a bed, you should purchase one that is well-built and has a soft mattress. This will ensure you get a good night’s rest or are able to offer your guest a comfortable place to sleep. A futon used only for sleeping does not have to be easy to transition as it will be folded out and rarely moved. A futon also used as a sofa should be comfortable but does not need to have as thick of a mattress. This type should be easy to transition as it will be used as a bed on occasion.

4. Frame

Futon frames are typically made out of wood or metal and offer many types of designs and finishes. Both are well-built but obviously the more you spend the sturdier the frame will be.

Before purchasing a futon, sit on it. A futon with a sturdy frame will not creak or move very much. Also, practice transitioning the futon from a sofa or chair to a bed and back again. The frame should move flawlessly. If you have issues with the frame, consider another option. You will not enjoy having a futon and transitioning it when you need to if you have issues doing so.