16 Most Popular Epoxy Bathroom Floor Ideas

Epoxy is an excellent flooring for everything from kitchen and garage floors to patios, basement floors, and bathroom floors. While epoxy is a little more expensive than traditional bathroom tile flooring, the aesthetics that one gets with epoxy are second to none. There is very little you can’t do with epoxy, and, especially within the context of a luxury bathroom or a master bathroom, that’s a good thing.

Here are some epoxy bathroom floor ideas you may want to try for your home.

Idea #1: Earth-Style Stone

Epoxy can be made to resemble Earth-style stone. Think of mixing in different deep green plants and trees, interlocking them with natural tones from the ground. Epoxy can be utilized to duplicate this sort of all-natural feel.

Idea #2: Marble Stone

A bathroom floor can be crafted to look like granite or real marble using epoxy as a substitute. Epoxy is a fast way to achieve a classic marble stone decor and can be customized in a single colour or combination of colours of your choosing.

Idea #3: Share A Quote

If there is a quote, song lyric, or selection of words that mean enough to you to want to lay them permanently on your bathroom floor, an epoxy flooring certainly makes it possible. There are no limits to what you can enter onto your floor.

Idea #4: Geometric Stone Patterns

Geometric stone patterns are common in bathrooms. There are various ways to arrange geometric patterns, from circular to triangular, square, and more abstract rhythms.

Idea #5: Classic Bathroom Tile

You can, of course, use epoxy bathroom flooring to create something closer to classic bathroom tiles. Fortunately, with epoxy, you aren’t locked into predefined shapes or aesthetics and can create your own, customizing them with all the intricacies you want.

Idea #6: Multi-Color Square Pieces

Try a multi-colour bathroom floor with epoxy if you want to go the way of something unconventional. Multi-colour floors can be done in various ways, crafted in different textures, shades, and colour progressions.

Idea #7: Artistic Strokes Of Color

Epoxy can be made almost like an abstract painting. Take your bathroom floor, and before you give it a polish, infuse it with artistic pushes and pulls of colour, creating the appearance of a paint spill or an abstract piece you’re more likely to see displayed as wall art.

Idea #8: Sandy Beaches With Shells

Under an epoxy bathroom floor, you can create visual patterns using sand, shells, starfish, and similar materials. This would give your bathroom floor a beach look but can be done aesthetically to resemble all sorts of beautiful imagery.

Idea #9: Create A Non-Abstract Painting

Put down a unique painting on your bathroom floor. If you discover a specific theme or style of art you like, discuss with your epoxy bathroom floor expert what’s possible for your bathroom. Depending on the size, you might be surprised to learn all that can be done.

Idea #10: Made To Resemble Water

A popular way that epoxy bathroom floors come together is to make them resemble a body of water. It could be a pond, a river, or stagnant water. In some cases, fish, dolphins, or other water creatures are painted onto epoxy.

Idea #11: Floral Epoxy Bathroom Floors

Florals are common in many bathrooms, except they are usually put in via wallpaper or decor. A floral theme can also be utilized across a bathroom floor. The beauty here is that you can design exactly what you want, i.e. how many florals, what florals, and how they are displayed.

Idea #12: Put In A Logo

If there is a logo or brand that you are passionate about, you can imprint this branding and these graphics directly onto your bathroom floor with epoxy.

Idea #13: 3D-Style Optical Illusions

Many homes and businesses that want to do something magical in their bathroom use epoxy flooring to create 3D illusions. There are all sorts of amazing artistic works you can put in, creating illusions ranging from ocean waves to spiralling staircases. If optical illusions are something you enjoy, it’s hard not to pass up the chance to utilize 3D imagery like this within an epoxy bathroom floor.

Idea #14: Checkerboard

A checkerboard floor creates a pattern from two contrasting colours, often a mix of lighter and darker colours. Be sure to plan for what these colours may look like in different seasons to ensure they aren’t specifically attached to an aesthetic you may get sick of over time.

Idea #15: Speckled Epoxy

Though speckled epoxy is more closely associated with basement and garage floors, it can be applied to bathroom flooring if you have a specific idea. Typically, you will want to soften the speckled epoxy aesthetic to have it suit the room.

Idea #16: Metallic

Metallic epoxy paints and flakes give the floor a unique shimmer that is artistic and adds some strong personality.