10 Best Professional Cleaning Supplies to Clean Offices

For professional cleaners, high quality supplies designed specifically to manage heavy-duty cleaning jobs are the key to a job well done, and there is a list of such supplies that should be in every professional’s outfit. Here are the top ten professional cleaning supplies to clean offices:

1. All-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is a no-brainer when it comes to professional cleaning supplies, as it can be used for a variety of different tasks along a professional cleaner or janitor’s route. It eliminates the need for a whole bunch of different bottles of chemicals, decreasing the number of different supplies a cleaner needs and increasing efficiency.

2. Mop and floor cleaner

There are two types of mops that can be used for floor cleaning: dust mops or regular mops. Dust mops are more like brooms both in style and in function. They do the job of sweeping the floor of dust particles and larger objects before wet mopping. A regular mop must be paired with a high-quality, professional floor cleaner in order to maximize cleaning capabilities. Professional cleaning mops are generally made of cotton, rayon, synthetic fibers or a blend, and all have excellent water absorption abilities.

3. Broom

Although a dust mop is an excellent option for most regular surfaces, a popular type of broom in commercial cleaning is a broom with a brush head. These brooms come in a wide variety of lengths, so they can manage even very large spaces, and they are ideal for rougher surfaces like concrete flooring or outdoor surfaces because the bristles tend to be stiffer and sturdier.

4. Cloths

Heavy-duty, reusable cloths are crucial for professional cleaning purposes for multiple reasons. First, having something that will stand up to even the toughest uses is excellent for cost-saving purposes because they will last longer. Microfiber cloths are heavy duty, effective for removing tough stains, and can be laundered and used over again many times.

5. All-purpose degreaser

Where an all-purpose cleaner fails, a degreaser picks up the slack. This type of cleaner is for ultra stubborn spots containing grease or oil. While this is a particularly useful tool for cleaners working in industrial locations, grease can come from many sources so it can be very handy for cleaning almost any commercial building, and is a highly recommended resource.

6. Glass cleaner

Windows, window pane doors, and mirrors are very common design choices in office buildings and businesses. These elements are often some of the first things people see when entering a business, and a good glass cleaner is the only way to ensure that they are cleared of fingerprints, smudges, and other such blemishes that occur, and that they get a streak-free clean every time, especially for those glass objects that are situated on high-traffic areas.

7. Gloves

It is important to protect hands from any cleaner as they can cause severe drying, however heavy-duty cleaners and bleaches can not only dry out hands and skin but can even cause chemical burns. The most common types of gloves for professional cleaners to use are vinyl or latex. Both are highly effective, however latex are more form fitting and durable, and vinyl fit more loosely and are more prone to tears.

All professionals dealing with cleaners and chemicals should protect their hands for their own safety. Gloves also come in handy since cleaners may have to touch many surfaces that are dirty and full of germs, so it also protects them from viruses and illness.

8. Air Freshener

There are a wide variety of different air fresheners that can be used in professional cleaning. For instance, aerosol sprays both eliminate odours and add fresh-smelling scents to the air, and metered air fresheners can be strategically placed to continuously freshen the air by releasing a spray at regular intervals. Sanitizing sprays both disinfect and deodorize the air, and deodorizing powders can be placed in enclosed spaces to remove and neutralize odours. In addition, deodorizing blocks are used specifically in public urinals to help neutralize odours.

9. Janitorial cart

A janitorial cart helps to make cleaning jobs more time efficient, and much easier on the employee’s energy as well. They eliminate the need for carrying around any supplies, and contain space for large volumes of trash or recycling to be emptied into. Since the cart is multi-purpose, it allows cleaners to do only one trip rather than multiple trips, and is a necessary tool in commercial cleaning.

10. Trash bags

A good quality trash bag is gold. In public areas where there may be large quantities of trash, and where people may be dumping liquids or waste that could be dangerous to cleaning employees, it is crucial that the bags hold out. Trash bags come in different qualities, simply to cater to what it is needed for. Someone’s personal office trash can does not need a super-heavy-grade trash liner, however a movie theatre’s trash can probably does.