6 Great Tips to Decorate Your New Office Space

First impressions are very important. You need to make sure that when potential clients enter your office space they are sent a strong message that you are an organised and professional operation that can be trusted with their business.

It’s not just clients that you have to make your commercial office space presentable for. For your employees, it is very important that they have a clean and organised place to work. If you want to attract the top talent in your industry, you will need to impress them as they enter your building for an interview. We have compiled some of our best tips for making sure that your office space gives clients, customers and employees the right impression.

1. The first few steps are the most important

The entrance way and reception desk of your office is your first and most significant chance of setting the right tone with the visitor. You should do everything that you can to make sure that the entranceways has a pleasant aroma and is clean. It is also a good idea to stage this area with plants, reading materials relevant to your industry. Don’t neglect the outside of your office too. Try to put yourself in the mind of someone who has never been to your office. You may notice some things that you want to change that you have simply gotten used to over time.

2. Think about the lights

Any interior design needs to take into account the need for artificial and natural light. If you are able to take advantage of natural light then that is much better than artificial light. The lighting choices that you have should be pleasant and not fluorescent if possible.

3. Get something comfortable to sit on

You should make sure that the seating that you have in your waiting room, and throughout your office is comfortable. Seating is also a good opportunity to introduce some stylish elements into your whole aesthetic. At the same time, you don’t need every seat in your office to be a reclining couch, you need to invest in chairs that will not put someone in a bad mood the moment that they sit down. Consider getting some modern furniture from well-known brands, such as GUS modern furniture, to improve the look and feel of your office seating.

4. Think carefully about your office colour palette

Colour can be used very effectively in a commercial office space design. You may even surprise yourself with how much of an impact you can create with just a few accent walls. Depending on the industry that you’re in, you may want to use neutral tones or loud and bright ones. You know your target client demographic best and you will be able to use your experience to develop office colours that will be agreeable to your clients and customers.

5. Functionality is just as important as fashion

Any great commercial office space interior design has elements of both style and function. After all, people do need to work here. So you will need desks, chairs, storage cabinets and easy access to power outlets in most areas. This is where you will need to consult with your office manager to ensure that any ideas you have will not interfere with the efficient running of the business.

6. Set a budget

You need a budget, and a plan to spend it before you start the process of redesigning your office. The last thing that you want to happen is for the budget to run out before you have finished the design. An unfinished office that has only been partially upgraded is not the impression that you want to leave with your clients.